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Business and Industry in Fayetteville, AR

Education, medicine and manufacturing pace Fayetteville commerce

By Phil Newman on August 11, 2014

Fayetteville has become known as an innovative center of commerce, from education and medical care to electronics and manufacturing. Boasting a leading-edge university and a high-standards educational system, the city’s commercial climate blends longstanding firms with first-generation start-ups. The city’s many thriving enterprises include:

5 Star Sports

The company creates digital and print promotional products and services for schools while providing advertising services to sponsors. Its products include fundraising materials, game programs, team-schedule posters and magnets, event tickets, athletics websites, community coupon books, advertising solutions and more.

Wal-Mart Optical Lab

With 700 employees, Fayetteville’s Wal-mart Labs facility is one of three U.S. optical labs for the retail giant. The local plant makes and ships 2 million pairs of eyeglasses each year. Sustainability is a core value for this “green” operation, which recycles 92 percent of the resources that come into the plant (water included).


KeyTronicEMS makes the electronics that power products used in homes and businesses – for example, circuit boards behind heating/cooling control panels – and specializes in medical, automotive and military applications. Based in Spokane Valley, WA., KeyTronicEMS operates its “flagship” manufacturing facility in Fayetteville, a 168,000-square-foot center providing engineering, logistics and customer service.

Marshalltown Co.

Founded in 1890, Marshalltown is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction tools used for brick, concrete, asphalt, drywall, plaster, tile, paint, wallpaper and more. Based in Iowa and known especially for its trowels, the company operates a Fayetteville manufacturing facility.

Pinnacle Foods

As one of the world’s largest food manufacturers, Pinnacle has a presence in more than 85 percent of U.S. households. The company’s brand line-up includes Duncan-Hines, Vlasic, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Log Cabin, Aunt Jemima, Armour, Birds Eye, Celeste, Van de Kamp’s, Mrs. Paul’s, Hungry-Man, Lender’s and more. Pinnacle’s Fayetteville facility is a key U.S. operation, producing frozen meals such as Hungry-Man single-serve frozen dinners.

Superior Industries International

Fayetteville is home to one of five manufacturing plants owned by Van Nuys, Calif.-based Superior. With a total of some 4,000 employees at five plants in the U.S. and Mexico, Superior produces aluminum wheels for the major vehicle platforms of the world’s leading automobile and light-truck manufacturers.

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