Lake Havasu City AZ

#2. Lake Havasu City AZ

Lake Havasu is a great place for #vanlife, but not during summer. The average high temperature from June to September is over 100 degrees. But with winters that are also warm, the town is an established snowbird retreat. There are Bureau of Land Management lands surrounding the town, and this means quite a bit of free camping available, although without amenities. You can get a shower at the gym in town, or there is also a good selection of paid campsites. 

In this beautiful bit of desert, there are plenty of outdoor activities, and one very impressive man-made attraction: the big bridge in town is actually the London Bridge, which once crossed the Thames. It was purchased, dismantled, and shipped here in the late 60’s, and seems to be enjoying its sunny retirement pretty well. Still, the biggest draw for vanlifers may be the community. With so many people in vans and traditional RVs, many of whom return year after year, you are bound to make some friends. For some intentional bonding over boondocking, come in January for the annual Xscapers Bash — part hangout, part conference —or head a little bit south to Quartzsite for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.

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