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Things to Do in Napa, CA

Discover all the amazing things Napa has to offer

By Taylor Croteau on September 8, 2015

Napa, Calif., is a beautiful city with a culture all its own. From fantastic restaurants to one-of-a-kind festivals, Napa has a lot to offer visitors and locals. Families enjoy tons of outdoor activities and playgrounds for kids of all ages. And right in the heart of wine country, Napa has fantastic wine tours and tastings that bring in wine connoisseurs from all over the world. 

 Bistro Don Giovanni

For fantastically fresh and unique interpretations of traditional Italian dishes, there’s no place like Bistro Don Giovanni. Guests rave about Chef Paolo Laboa and his incredible menu. Chef Paolo, along with his team, combines authentic Italian dishes with the freshest local ingredients. The bistro has been popular since the very beginning and never ceases to amaze both locals and visitors who claim it is a must for anyone who truly wants to experience wine country. With an excellent staff, the friendly and relaxing atmosphere makes Bistro Don Giovanni one of the best restaurants in Napa. 


Napa Valley Balloons Inc.

Widely known as the best in the business, Napa Valley Balloons Inc. is Napa’s original balloon company. With an outstanding reputation for its commitment to safety, Napa Valley Balloons Inc. also has a longstanding reputation among many celebrities. Napa Valley Balloons Inc. has been featured on Oprah, Today and The Travel Channel, making it the most popular hot air balloon company in Napa. With the largest balloons in Napa, tours can include anywhere between two and 20 people. Napa Valley Balloons Inc. is the best way to see the beauty of the valley with magnificent panoramic views.


Platypus Wine Tours

Claiming to be “the anti-wine snob wine tour,” Platypus Wine Tours offers an amazingly unique experience. Geared towards small, back-roads vineyards, historic wineries and family-owned operations, guests visit places most people have never even heard of. Visitors rave about some of the out-of-the-way wineries, and there’s no other tour like this one. Tour guides seek out the “hidden gem wineries” that have some of the world’s best tasting wine. For a lighthearted and friendly approach to wine tasting, there’s no other tour than Platypus Wine Tours.

 Festival del Sole

Napa’s Festival del Sole is an annual summer festival that aims to capture all of the art, music and culture of Napa. Guests love the variety of local art and music the festival supports, from classical, jazz, opera, theater and dance artists, the Festival del Sole has it all. Originally founded in 2006 with the hope if defining Napa Valley as a cultural destination, the festival certainly has reached its goal. The Festival del Sole fosters Napa’s culture by supporting local arts education, presenting free community concerts and awarding grants to local schools and arts programs. 

 Playground Fantastico

Playground Fantastico is a great place to take kids of all ages to have some fun in the Napa sun. There are two playgrounds, one for children age 5 and under, and one for older kids. The large playground is great for groups of kids and parties. Both playgrounds are large enough for parents to partake in the fun with their kids. Playground Fantastico is one of the most popular playgrounds for families in Napa, but with spacious seating areas and multiple gigantic climbing sets, it’s never over-crowded.

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