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6 Reasons to Move to Newport Beach

Perfect temperatures, an abundance of sun, and miles of coastline, you'll quickly run out of excuses as to why you shouldn't do it.

By Suzanne Rhino on August 16, 2016

Newport Beach CA
Newport Beach / iStock Photo/cliffwass

Moving to Newport Beach is more than just finding a place to live, it’s choosing an exciting lifestyle. This beautiful coastal community of 87,000 people boasts award-winning hotels, a premier outdoor shopping mall, hundreds of quaint specialty shops, more than 400 restaurants, and Pelican Hill, the #1 golf resort in the world as ranked by Condé Nast.

Make note of yet another distinction—Newport Beach is known as “The Most Republican City in California.”

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Talk about a near-perfect climate, daytime temperatures average 80 degrees during the summer and only dip to the mid 60s in the winter. And with less than 10 inches of rain per year, there are plenty of sunny days to enjoy all the outdoor activities the city is famous for.

With that being said, here are six more reasons for moving to Newport Beach.

1. The Beaches

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The peninsula is the place to go for surf, sand, tanning, and summer beach house rentals. Newport Beach has some of the best beaches in southern California for swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, or just frolicking in the waves. Watch for dolphins; hunt for shells; clamber over the rocks at the jetty; and then at the end of the day, gaze out to Catalina Island for another perfect Newport Beach sunset.

2. Surfing

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Some of the greatest southern California surf spots are found in Newport Beach, probably the most famous being The Wedge. When that swell comes in, everyone heads down to the end of the Balboa Peninsula to catch the free show, from body surfers to boogie boarders to pro surfers who actually come from as far away as Australia and Hawaii to catch these 15-20 foot waves; and what a bonus for those watching from the beach. The thundering waves break very close to shore and you can almost read the surfer’s lips of, “Oh…crap,” (except not crap) as they realize they’re going over the falls and about to be pounded into the sand. And that’s not all girls: Those tight wet suits provide a show of their own!!!!

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3. The Harbor Area

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Newport Harbor, the largest recreational harbor on the west coast, is a boater’s paradise. Several yacht clubs make Newport Harbor their home. Rent an electric boat and join the drinks and appetizers folks as you purr through the waterways. Paddleboards and kayaks are also popular in the harbor and canals. Sign up for a narrated harbor cruise, fishing charter, or whale watching trip. Bring the kids to the Fun Zone for a ride on the Ferris wheel, or try your luck at skeeball in the Arcade. And don’t forget your frozen banana or beach bar, a delectable square of ice cream dipped in liquid chocolate and dusted in nuts or colored sprinkles. Catch the ferry for a quick ride across the bustling harbor to Balboa Island where you can stroll down Marine Avenue, home to a variety of cafes, bakeries, and chic coastal shops.

4. Events

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To break up the monotony of days spent on the beach, sailing the harbor, and trying out the 400 restaurants, you can enjoy a variety of annual events that appeal to a wide range of interests. The Newport Beach Jazz Festival, International Film Festival, premier west coast Yacht and Boat Show, and the popular Christmas Boat Parade are highlights of a year’s worth of festivals and events. Cultural opportunities abound at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, from Broadway plays and musicals to symphony, opera, and ballet presentations.

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5. The Malls

Overcast days were created so locals could hit the mall and get some serious shopping done before the next tanning session. Fashion Island Mall is the perfect outdoor shopping and dining destination with ocean views, unique shops and department stores, and a variety of restaurants from fancy to casual.

6. Quality Healthcare

Just in case you are in need of medical attention, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian offers quality medical service via their two acute-care hospitals and eight urgent care centers. Hoag has been named one of the Best Regional Hospitals in U.S. News and World Report Metro Edition. What better place to recover from your surgical procedure than in your ocean view room at Hoag Hospital?

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