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Victor Valley, CA Hospitals Keep Community and Economy Healthy

With three major medical centers offering a wide range of primary and specialized services, Victor Valley residents can be assured access to the highest quality of care right in their own backyard.

By John Fuller on May 22, 2015

When it comes to health, residents in the Victor Valley can expect cutting-edge care and a growing roster of services to address their needs close to home, thanks to ongoing growth among the region’s three major health-care providers – Victor Valley Global Medical Center, Desert Valley Hospital and St. Joseph Health, St. Mary.

“Quality of life often starts with health; it’s hard to enjoy the things around you if you are suffering from a preventable ailment,” says Ryan Orr, director of communication and marketing for St. Joseph Health, St. Mary. “Access to quality health care is on par with the importance of good public schools and low crime rates when families are looking to settle in a new place.”

Growing Stronger Every Day

St. Joseph Health, St. Mary is committed to addressing chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and childhood obesity, that prevent residents from achieving optimal health. The hospital’s Diabetes Education Center, for example, is an American Diabetes Association-recognized self-management education program that instructs patients on nutrition, exercise, medications and mental health issues that can arise from the condition. St. Joseph Health, St. Mary also offers community clinics and screenings, and partners with municipal organizations to develop family-oriented fitness events.

Over the next five years, the medical group plans to invest $288 million to define the future of quality health care in the Victor Valley for generations to come. Those investments include new urgent care facilities, an outpatient imaging center and a new Victorville Oasis Campus, which is slated to offer several outpatient services.

“Our mission statement specifically accounts for raising the health profile of the Victor Valley region, which would account for using resources as responsibly as possible to keep our residents healthy,” Orr says. “We will continue to do what is necessary to meet the demands of our residents, while carrying out the best quality of care in the High Desert and Victor Valley.”

Heart Smart Services

Heart disease is a growing concern for an aging population, and the Heart & Cardiac Care center at Desert Valley Hospital brings together a team of the region’s top cardiologists, cardiac and vascular surgeons, and interventional radiologists, along with state-of-the-art equipment, to prevent and treat a range of cardiovascular diseases and conditions. The center specializes in heart surgery, robotic thoracic procedures, valve repair and treatments for atrial fibrillation, among other procedures.

Since becoming a part of the KPC Global medical group, Victor Valley Global Medical Center (VVGMC) expanded its services to residents through sister facilities to include bariatric surgery and an orthopedic and spine institute. The medical center – the only hospital in the region fully accredited by both the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program and The Joint Commission – also plans to open a new urgent care center in Victorville, as well as add rehab services and additional orthopedic and neurology services to its Victorville campus.

To accommodate a rising number of patients, Kaiser Permanente opened a new, 8,700-square-foot medical facility in Victorville that houses nine doctors specializing in family and pediatric medicine, internal medicine, allergy and physical therapy.

Promoting a Healthy Economy

Growth in services mirrors the region’s population growth, says Lovella Sullivan, marketing director for Victor Valley Global Medical Center. Over the last two years, VVGMC hospital has nearly doubled its employee base from about 440 to more than 730, which has also had a positive impact on the region’s economy, Sullivan notes. Orr also emphasizes the link between growth at St. Joseph, St. Mary and growth of the local economy.

“As the largest private employer in the High Desert, these ventures will continue to create economic opportunities for professionals looking to break into the medical field,” he says. “We continue to use local vendors at every possible turn, and will continue to support the same stability in the area that St. Mary has been a part of since 1956, during which time the Victor Valley’s population has more than quadrupled.”

As Sullivan points out, “a healthy hospital is a healthy community is a healthy economy.”

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