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PuebloShares Promotes a Story Worth Telling

PuebloShares provides content to promote the region's assets.

By Kim Madlom on April 17, 2021


Every community has a story to tell, but few tell that story effectively and positively as Pueblo.>

PuebloShares, a city/county partnership project, uses various storytelling strategies via an online platform at PuebloShares.com. The site houses a robust and growing online content library of photos, videos and articles that individuals, organizations and businesses can use to promote the Pueblo region.>

The website offers users the opportunity to upload or download positive content related to living, investing and visiting the region. The content is free and easily shareable for both personal and commercial purposes.


Launched in 2020, the project has two components involving local contractors. Pueblo Proud focuses on internal marketing activities, and material is provided by Z3 Zercher, while Choose Pueblo focuses on external activities and is provided by Digital Hart Media.

“I look to 2020 and the pandemic as a case that shows how effective this project is,” says Nicki Hart, founder of Digital Hart Media. “At the core, it is a collaborative effort to promote our community, and when COVID hit, we saw the results of this firsthand. There was a 30% increase in traffic looking at Pueblo from northern Colorado and other states in March 2020.

“Through the efforts of PuebloShares, there was positive image, video and text content for those interested,” she continues. “People were looking for more affordable alternative places to live and work remotely, and we had content ready for them. To date, Pueblo’s content has been seen by over 500,000 people in all 50 states.”

Donielle Kitzman, vice president of Visit Pueblo and the Convention & Visitors Bureau at the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, says the content’s availability is essential for nonprofits and businesses with limited budgets.

“They have access to great photos and other material for their marketing needs without having to pay a photographer or videographer,” she says, adding that the chamber facilitates the initiative and serves as the fiscal agent.


Collaboration Is Key

Kitzman says the collaboration between agencies and government entities is the key to the project’s success. With an advisory board of the region’s major players, support from all area chambers of commerce, and the city and county governments, there is cohesiveness in the messaging and marketing of Pueblo and its strengths.

The focus in May, for example, is to promote the region’s recreational assets. Colorado State University could use a rafting video from the website to promote activities for students, while the local health care organizations may use walking and hiking trail videos, photos and articles to encourage exercise.

This content allows our community to speak in one voice while also allowing each organization to personalize the content for their use.”

Donielle Kitzman, vice president of Visit Pueblo and the Convention & Visitors Bureau

The community calendar aspect of PuebloShares means that each month offers a storyline and suggested content, whether it’s heart or teacher appreciation month.

“This content allows our community to speak in one voice while also allowing each organization to personalize the content for their use,” Kitzman says. “We are all trying to recruit new investment, residents, tourists and workers to the Pueblo region. “Our hospital can use the content to recruit doctors and nurses, the colleges to recruit students, and our community to recruit business and industry,” she continues. “We know the content is high quality, correct and positively promotes our amenities and assets.”


Content is also published in other places such as ChoosePueblo.com and the Pueblo Proud Facebook group. PuebloShares also promotes content in other media outlets that connect with key audiences.

Kitzman says contractors like Hart Media are crucial in developing the content. Hart has worked with numerous Pueblo organizations and individuals for 14 years.

“PuebloShares receives emails from those looking to move to Pueblo and thanking us for the information available,” Hart says. “ChoosePueblo.com is a perfect example of a site that benefits from the content produced. We share videos about our outdoor recreation opportunities, and our most popular content is a neighborhood map that details what each neighborhood has to offer.

“Because of this, we are working on offering even more map content that shows off our assets,” she concludes. “Our Realtors also use this content heavily for new homeowners and those looking to move to the Pueblo area.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Pueblo, CO area, check out the latest edition of Livability Pueblo, CO.

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