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Kingspan Group Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability

The company's insulated panels are manufactured in DeLand, FL.

By Livability on April 27, 2023

Kingspan Group is committed to environmental sustainability.
Courtesy of Kingspan Insulated Panels

The Kingspan Group, which specializes in producing energy-efficient building  envelopes and insulation products, has manufacturing sites in more than 70 countries, including the Kingspan Insulated Panels North America headquarters in DeLand, FL.  That is a wide footprint covering  a whole lot of ground. But the  important thing to Kingspan is all of that ground is on the same planet.

This common connection is why Kingspan is committed to  sustainability and the environment.  That is evident in Kingspan’s Planet Passionate program, a 10-year  initiative designed to eliminate the company’s landfill waste,  significantly increase renewable energy use, and generally improve  the place we call home.

“The Planet Passionate program is one of the pillars of our entire business,” says Brent Trenga, Director of Sustainability for  Kingspan Insulated Panels North  America. “It’s a transformational  decade of change for our organization.”

The program focuses on four key  areas: energy, carbon, circularity  and water. To meet some of the  company’s ambitious goals, the  DeLand facility will soon convert  to solar energy, and a rainwater  harvesting system has been installed.  In addition, over 50% of the North  American sales force has transitioned  to electric vehicles, with chargers provided for both office and home;  the target being a 100% transition  to EVs by 2025.

Kingspan also is striving to become  a zero-waste company, where all  materials either are used or recycled.  To achieve this goal, a pilot project was initiated at the DeLand  headquarters separating the waste  streams from all materials into nine categories, then collecting, tracking  and documenting the waste and  breaking it up through the process.

Kingspan Group
Courtesy of Kingspan Insulated Panels

“We really felt as though building  a program from the ground up was the best way to deliver rapid change,”  Trenga says. “Anything that comes  onto our site, we want to prevent  it from being sent off to a landfill. We’re up to 98% diversion, so only 2% of material goes to a landfill.”

A companion piece to the Planet  Passionate program is a philanthropic arm called Planet Passionate Communities, which focuses on ways to make a positive environmental impact on the local level. Under this initiative, the DeLand facility  sponsors a section of beach in Daytona and provides regular cleanups and educational programs.

“Everybody in Florida can appreciate  the connection to the ocean and the  environment,” Trenga says. “We’ve  had employees and family members  and the whole team go to Daytona  for some great beach cleanups.” 

“The trash didn’t just jump onto  the beach and into the ocean,” he  continues. “Somebody put it there.  So we clean up the beach, and we also try to prevent the problem in the first place by making people aware of the behavior that causes this.”

Finally, on a global level, Kingspan is collaborating with the international  humanitarian response agency GOAL to develop critical infrastructure  in health care and education with sustainability at its core.

“We’re trying to help drive positive change to protect our natural world,” Trenga concludes, “so we can leave behind a better, healthier planet.”

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