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Why This Tech Company Flourishes in South Florida

Outstanding energy and entrepreneurial spirit are among the many reasons Greater Fort Lauderdale is a great place to start a business.

By Kim Madlom on October 13, 2021

Photo of Jon and Ron Antevy, founders of e-Builder
Jason Nuttle

Jon Antevy’s thesis earned him more than his University of Florida master’s degree. It laid the foundation for an innovative tech company in Greater Fort Lauderdale that he and his brother, Ron, built into a leader in construction management software.

The e-Builder technology helps global companies, government agencies, health care and educational institutions manage hundreds of billions of dollars in capital improvement projects.

About e-Builder

Founded in 1995, e-Builder develops software that takes the waste out of the construction process and reduces costs for the building owner. E-Builder’s unique solution streamlines the work of managing construction projects, saving both time and money.

E-Builder’s target customers are facility owners of schools, hospitals and government buildings. Owners benefit from the e-Builder solution through improved transparency and accountability, while contractors benefit from faster payments, increased productivity and improved competitive advantage.

The e-Builder solution is uniquely designed to measure and manage every step of the capital project delivery process, including planning, design, procurement, construction and operations. “E-Builder’s mission is to improve project execution to make construction faster, less expensive and more reliable,” says Ron Antevy, president and CEO of e-Builder.

The Antevy brothers are well-suited to serve the construction industry. Jon is an architect, and Ron has a degree in civil engineering. Their parents were in real estate development, and their uncle and grandfather were contractors.

worker at e-Builder
Jason Nuttle

E-Builder Is a Success Story in South Florida

It is one of the best-known companies in its sector. In 2018, the Plantation-based company’s success story added another chapter when it became part of Trimble, a Silicon Valley-based technologies company.

At the time of the acquisition, e-Builder managed more than $300 billion in construction project value and more than 200,000 projects from some of the most influential owners in North America. Trimble’s acquisition of e-Builder brings its technology to civil and building contractors, building owners and the international market.

Trimble’s $500 million acquisition of e-Builder helped shine a light on South Florida’s reputation as an emerging tech hub. The company’s acquisition by a Silicon Valley company is expected to help attract more talented software and professionals to Greater Fort Lauderdale.

e-Builder coworkers collaborate
Jason Nuttle

Greater Fort Lauderdale Offers Right Location

The Antevy brothers grew up in Hollywood, Florida, and were drawn to Broward County because of family and community ties. As the business started to take off and the company needed more staff, they considered other location options but chose to remain in Broward County for several compelling reasons.

“We were centrally located in South Florida and attracted talent from all three counties (Broward, Dade and Palm Beach),” Ron says. “Our employees loved the benefits of living in the region – not only the tax and other economic benefits but the outdoor lifestyle, water, nightlife, etc.”

Ron says, initially, it was challenging to attract specific technology talent from outside the region. “But once people came here, we found them to be fiercely loyal and stick with us for a long time,” he says. “This is much better than some of the traditional tech hubs, for example, Silicon Valley, where the average tenure of a tech employee is 14 months.”

Welcoming Energy, Scrappy Entrepreneurs

“The business and government ecosystem embraced and supported us as we grew and our needs evolved,” Ron says.

The brothers encourage other technology firms to consider relocating to Greater Fort Lauderdale. “There is unique energy here in South Florida,” Ron says. “I’ve traveled and done business around the world, and I can say that with certainty. Entrepreneurs here are scrappy and innovative – the creative spirit is shared across the ecosystem. You can learn and get help from others.”

He also praises the resources available to entrepreneurs. “There is financial and human capital pouring into the region,” he says. “It’s a very pro-business climate. People are here to support you and help.”

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