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This Will Make You Jealous You Don’t Live in Greeley, CO

Yep, you're definitely going to wish you lived in Greeley after reading this.

By Jessica Walker Boehm on April 6, 2016

Rocky Mountains Near Greeley, CO
Greeley / City of Greeley

It’s no secret Greeley has its share of enviable attributes, but there’s one thing that truly sets it apart from other U.S. cities, and that’s its prime location in the Great Plains region.

For example, Greeley is just an hour’s drive from Colorado’s capital city of Denver and all its amenities and attractions, including the Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Sports fans are in luck, too, as Denver is home to the Colorado Rockies (MLB), the Denver Broncos (NFL), the Denver Nuggets (NBA) and the Colorado Avalanche (NHL).

Greeley is also an hour’s drive from Cheyenne, Wyo., and it’s located within three hours of 10 excellent ski resorts – that’s certainly not something every city can claim.

“There are a lot of Greeley residents who travel to Keystone, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge to ski,” says Kim Barbour, public affairs director for the Greeley Chamber of Commerce. “We have much quicker access to these places than most people in the U.S. do.”

Plus, the city is close to the Rocky Mountains

And that’s especially alluring for recreation junkies.

“If you travel just 30 to 35 minutes to the west, you’re in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains,” Barbour says. “We’re in a very convenient location; Greeley is a wonderfully centrally-located place.”

Just an hour and a half away is Rocky Mountain National Park, which covers 415 square miles and has more than 300 miles of hiking trails. The park is perfect for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and sledding in the wintertime, and during warm-weather months, visitors can enjoy activities like camping, backpacking, bicycling, fishing and horseback riding.

Rocky Mountain National Park is also an experienced climber’s paradise as it is home to the Longs Peak Keyhole Route. At 14,259 feet, Longs Peak is the park’s highest summit, and the Keyhole Route climb involves several dangerous elements – falling rocks, narrow ledges and steep cliffs, just to name a few – so many climbers see the route as one to conquer.

In addition, Roosevelt National Forest in Rollinsville, which is known for its breathtaking views, is only two hours from Greeley. Located northwest of Denver in the Fort Collins area, Arapaho National Forest is about three hours away, and it offers opportunities for hiking, biking, rafting and other activities.

In short, not only can Greeley residents enjoy all their city has to offer, they’re perfectly situated to take advantage of the rest of the region – that’s something to be jealous of.

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