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Put Down Roots in Meridian

Meridianites of all ages share why life’s just better here.

By Jessica Walker Boehm on May 13, 2019

Meridian ID
Meridian / Photo Courtesy of City of Meridian

Looking for the perfect place to call home? You’d be in good company to consider Meridian, Idaho’s fastest-growing city in terms of population and the tenth-fastest growing community in the nation.

I love Meridian, and there are so many reasons why.

Tammy De Weerd, Mayor, City of Meridian

Not only is Meridian a top spot for young professionals, the city is also a favorite retirement destination that was included on Forbes’ list of Best Places to Retire in 2016. In addition, CNN Money named Meridian the best place to live in Idaho in 2017, pointing to its low unemployment rate, enviable affordability and prime location just outside of Boise. Meridian Mayor Tammy De Weerd is quick to list its many assets.

“Meridian is among the safest places to live. We have engaged citizens and businesses. We are debt free with one of the lowest tax levels. Our parks are beautiful and offer something for everyone. We have fantastic amenities that attract families, businesses and travelers, and we continue to rate among the best places to live,†she says. “But the most important factor behind Meridian’s appeal is the people. We have people who care, who work together and who collaborate toward a shared community vision to be a premier place to live, work and raise a family.† 

The best thing about working and living in Meridian is simply the people. You see the families that this city invites – loving and friendly people looking for a city that matches just that. The city is growing and changing, but the quality of people hasn’t changed.

Rob Ash, youth pastor at Capital Church, sales manager with Fisher’s Technology, moved to Idaho in 2011

One of those residents loving raising a family here is father- of-five John Shipley, Ph.D., a human resources consultant for AmeriBen and adjunct professor at Boise State. He and his family moved here in 2017.

“We love the central location, with its access to everything we need; we love the climate, with plenty of months in which we can take our family out to the many parks in the area; and we love the environment, with a focus on a safe family life,†Shipley says. 

I love the opportunity to create and cultivate my business in Idaho’s fastest-growing community. I live near The Village and Kleiner Park and appreciate the amenities within walking distance to my home.

Autumn Kersey, founder and executive director of Treasure Valley Children’s Theater, moved to Meridian in 2018

Shipley adds a nod to local schools, for their many experiential learning opportunities, including trying different occupations.

“Our experience thus far in Meridian has been positive, and yet we’re frequently pleasantly surprised in our interactions with total strangers – there are so many good people doing incredible things in the area,†Shipley says. 

My wife, Lori, and I love it here. Our home and our businesses are in Old Town Meridian, and we really appreciate the sense of community the downtown district offers; we love knowing our neighbors’ names and seeing them at the local breakfast joint or grabbing a drink with them after work. Meridian has also been a great place to raise our children.

Josh Evarts, co-owner of The Vault (a cigar lounge) and planning to develop 100-plus apartments in Old Town, moved to Meridian in 2001

Meridian has plenty of amenities to suit young professionals, as well, including more urban living options in the center of activity, according to Lindsey Bowshier, director of web strategy at Tribute Media and president of the Meridian Downtown Business Association. Bowshier moved here in 2012. 

“One of the best things about working in Meridian is my four-minute commute,†Bowshier says. “Every single morning, I’m grateful I don’t have to sit in the eastbound gridlock of I-84. It’s less than a mile, door to door, from my home to my office, and I do just about everything in this 1-mile radius around Meridian Downtown: I walk around the corner to my salon to get my hair done. I run across the street to my bank. have a bunch of great options for eating lunch and scheduling coffee meetings around my office, and there are a ton of great happy hour options within walking distance.”

Meridian was a small community when I moved to the area several years ago, and I decided to make it my permanent home because it’s such a wonderful, special place to live. Even though Meridian has experienced tremendous growth over the years, it still has a small-town feel, and I’ve been extremely pleased with how the city is governed. Meridian is also a safe community where neighbors look out for one another, and that’s something you can’t find just anywhere.

Christine Donnell, retired in 2004 after spending 34 years in the West Ada School District as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent

Bowshier says her favorite weekend activities, especially during summer months, include walking to the farmers market on Saturday mornings with her son and enjoying date-night dinners and drinks with her husband on one of the many restaurant patios. 

“We sometimes walk home, just because we can,†Bowshier says.  

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