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Guide to the Best Waterfalls in Southern Idaho

Visitors are drawn to Southern Idaho’s stunning waterfalls.

By Lisa Battles on December 5, 2019

Visitors are drawn to Southern Idaho’s stunning waterfalls |Shoshone Falls - Visitors Are Drawn to Southern Idaho’s Stunning Waterfalls
Southern Idaho Tourism

There are, literally, hundreds of waterfalls in Southern Idaho, and they’re not just a treat for the eyes: Did you know water in motion creates negative ions that help the body create the chemical that lowers stress and improves mood? Here’s your guide to some of our best-known falls – and getting all the good vibes you can while you’re here!

  • Shoshone Falls: Known as the Niagara of the West, 212-feet tall and 1,000 feet across, this one is best in the spring and early summer.
  • Twin Falls: Namesake for the city of Twin Falls, what was formerly two falls now flows into one just upriver from Shoshone Falls.
  • Pillar Falls: Water cascades and pools around two towering stone pillars between Shoshone Falls and the Perrine Bridge.
  • Thousand Springs area falls: Easiest to see are Lemmon Falls, which is next to Ritter Island and the Minnie Miller Springs area. Other unnamed waterfalls can be seen south of Hagerman along the canyon.
  • Malad Gorge & Devil’s Washbowl: The Little and Big Wood rivers combine into the Malad River, which drops 60 feet into the Devil’s Washbowl. This flows 1.5 miles in a narrow canyon to the Snake River.
  • Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon: North America’s 11th-largest spring winds through the canyon, creating a sapphire blue waterfall. This one requires a (totally worth it!) hike.
  • Niagara Springs Falls: Gushing water flows from the canyon walls near Buhl. While multiple falls can be seen in this area, Niagara Springs is the largest.
  • Upper and Lower Salmon Falls: Located on the Snake River near Hagerman, these falls are impressive at all flow levels.
  • Caldron Linn: The powerful, thundering waters of the Snake River northeast of Murtaugh rush over rugged terrain, giving kayakers a serious skills test during high water. High-clearance vehicles are a must to reach this one.
  • Mermaid Cove: Drops in two falls south of Jerome create a small oasis, or cover, that gives spectacular sunset views from the east in the summer and fall.
  • Auger Falls: A gentle cascade of rolling water makes this site both mesmerizing and relaxing. Park at Auger Falls Park and do the short hike, or bike to see the falls.
  • Ross Falls & Phantom Falls: These smaller falls located in the South Hills are dependent on snow runoff and are beautiful amid mountain scenes every season.

For more about Southern Idaho‘s waterfalls, visit visitsouthidaho.com/waterfalls.  

Visitors are drawn to Southern Idaho’s stunning waterfalls
Southern Idaho Tourism
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