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Duke Energy Provides a Boost for Boone County

Duke Energy upgrades critical services in fast-growing area.

By Livability on May 4, 2021

Courtesy of Duke Energy

For more than a decade, Boone County has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing counties in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. But it takes a great deal of planning to meet the expanding energy needs. To keep lights on, stovetops warm and homes comfortable, even during surges and storms, Duke Energy is making major improvements to its electric transmission and pipeline systems. 

The upgrades also serve another purpose: to attract new businesses. 

“Duke Energy must keep pace with not only current residential developments and business expansions, but also with the continued strong interest by prospective companies who want to locate in our region,” says Rhonda Whitaker Hurtt, the utility’s vice president of community relations and economic development. 

“For larger commercial and industrial energy users, having existing electric or gas infrastructure in place, or the ability to expedite new construction of such facilities to meet these prospects’ short time frames, is critical in winning their confidence,” Whitaker Hurtt adds. 

“And, of course, such developments bring jobs and tax revenues to the region.”

“Duke Energy strives to complete infrastructure projects with the least overall impact as possible to the community.”

Sally Thelen, Duke Energy communications spokesperson

In February 2020, the power company broke ground on the comprehensive Aero Reliability Project. A new substation near the Amazon Air Hub facility off Aero Parkway, along with expansion of the existing Oakbrook Substation on Burlington Pike, added critical capacity. Another 2-mile transmission line is under construction between the Aero Substation and the new Woodspoint Substation near Burlington Pike. 

Duke Energy’s natural gas employees have also been hard at work. As part of an effort to modernize delivery, keep up with growth and increase reliability for 125,000 natural gas customers in northern Kentucky, installation of a new 7-mile stretch of corrosion-protected steel pipeline is underway from Turfway Road to Aero Parkway. 

Great care is being taken to make sure green areas disturbed by construction are restored after the updates. The utility company works with local officials and customers to properly restore any disturbed areas. 

“Duke Energy strives to complete infrastructure projects with the least overall impact as possible to the community,” says communications spokesperson Sally Thelen. “We’ve seen the incredible growth in northern Kentucky, especially Boone County, and we truly appreciate the patience of our customers while we work to upgrade our natural gas and electric system to ensure reliability for decades to come.” 

Learn more at Duke Energy.

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