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Owensboro Health Sets Standard for Medical Care

Discover how Owensboro Medical Health System, a comprehensive network that operates Kentucky’s third-largest medical center, provides leading-edge care, life-saving research and community wellness throughout Greater Owensboro and beyond.

By Kevin Litwin on October 6, 2015

To the leaders at Owensboro Health, being a trusted provider of medical services means welcoming patients into modern, leading-edge facilities – and it does just that – but it also extends life-enriching services far beyond the hospital walls.

“At Owensboro Health, we are focused on building healthier communities by understanding distinct community needs, encouraging wellness and expanding access to quality care,” says Philip Patterson, president and CEO of Owensboro Health.

This comprehensive approach helps to make the system a leading health-care provider for a region spanning 14 counties in western Kentucky and southern Indiana.

Covering the Spectrum of Care

At its core, the nonprofit Owensboro Health is focused on providing patients with innovative technology and compassionate care, while also improving the health of the communities it serves.

The system’s flagship Owensboro Health Regional Hospital has 477 beds and attends to approximately 1,800 births, 64,000 emergency room visits, 18,000 patient admissions and 500,000 outpatient visits each year.

Owensboro Health also encompasses several regional clinics and diagnostic centers, wound healing centers, a cancer center, home-care services and the Healthpark, a medical-based fitness center. Together the system has more than 4,000 employees, 219 medical staff members and 250 volunteers.

Perhaps most visibly impressive is Owensboro Health’s hospital complex, opened in 2013, which blends world-class medical care with the comforts of home in a bright, welcoming environment. The system continues to grow to meet the needs of its communities, with a $5.8 million outpatient clinic in eastern Daviess County among its projects in the works.

Combating Cancer

Specialty care available via the hospital includes top-tier cardiac care through a partnership with Louisville’s Jewish Hospital Heart and Lung Institute and oncology expertise through the Owensboro Cancer Research Program, a joint venture of the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

The program focuses on unlocking the potential of plant-based therapies to develop drugs to prevent and treat cancer. It conducts research in plant-based expression systems to help extract proteins and chemicals to produce therapeutics and diagnostic reagents for clinical trials and commercial production. The program has made strides in using tobacco plants to develop a cervical cancer vaccine and has others in the works.

Engaging the Community

The system is also proactive in nurturing community wellness, not only in traditional medical settings, but also in the places where residents live, work and play.

“Recognizing the important role health plays in the physical and economic health of our community, we have made a commitment to expanding employer wellness and occupational health resources,” Patterson says. “As employers and employees, we should all have a vested interest in creating a healthier workforce.”

To help make that happen, Owensboro Health has established One Health @ Work as the system’s “occupational medicine and wellness arm, ready to provide expertise and experience to help employees improve and maintain their health,” Patterson says.

One Health @ Work offers wellness programs ranging from preventing workplace injuries to providing fitness classes. Each can be tailored to the budget and work environment of participant companies.

“We know that by creating employee-wellness plans, companies have a greater chance of lowering expenses by increasing productivity, reducing time off work and health-care costs and improving overall health of employees,” Patterson says.

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