Shreveport, LA

The third-largest city in Louisiana, Shreveport – along with its smaller sister city, Bossier City – is a great place for business, scoring it a spot on CNN Money's list of America's Best Places to Find a Job. The city also has a variety of fun things to do including the State Fair of Louisiana, which helped Shreveport make our Top 10 Summer Fairs list.

Shreveport Rankings

  • We've picked the best summer festivals that exemplify the cities where they take place. These celebrations aren't just drawing tourists, they are treasured by their communities.
  • There are hundreds of county and state fairs across the country. All of them represent what is good about their communities and bring people together. But some fairs are just better than others and worth traveling to, even if you don't live nearby. See which fairs got our blue ribbons.

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