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Mississippi Business

Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. A thriving economy helps the tax base (so there’s more money for city improvements) and helps a city attract and retain talent. The median household income in Mississippi is $39,665, and check out our data to give you an inside look at its key industries and job opportunities.

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    Photo: University Communications/The University of Mississippi

    Oxford, MS Top Employers

    Ole Miss, hospitals, manufacturers lead the way

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    Antony Boshier

    Tupelo, MS Top Employers

    Tupelo, MS businesses include many manufacturing industries specializing in furniture production.

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    Brian McCord

    Vicksburg, MS Top Employers

    Vicksburg, MS attracts businesses due to its major port on the Mississippi River, economic incentives and its residents’ strong work ethics.

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    Brian McCord

    Meridian, MS Top Employers

    Learn who the top employers in Meridian, MS are and see where the best places to work and find jobs could be.