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New Health Care Developments Enhance Elizabeth City Medical Treatment

New wound care center, internal medicine practice among most recent health-care highlights

By Jason Zasky on March 27, 2018

Elizabeth City, NC
Elizabeth City / Courtesy of Chesapeake Regional

Several new developments are enhancing the health care services and treatment experiences for Elizabeth City area residents.

In early 2018, the region’s first outpatient Wound Healing Center opened on the first floor of Sentara Albemarle Medical Center (SAMC), a 182-bed full-service facility that offers everything from critical care to a full array of surgical services and cancer treatment.

Notably, too, the facility offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a treatment that promotes healing by increasing the level of oxygen in tissue and improving the healing efficiency of white blood cells. The therapy is especially beneficial for diabetic patients with nonhealing ulcers, as well as those with arterial ulcers and other types of wounds that fail to respond to conservative therapy. 

Yet another major development for Sentara came in October 2017 with the transition to the Sentara eCare Health Network, which meant the medical center transitioned from using multiple different electronic medical records systems to one comprehensive system, says Annya Soucy, marketing and communications adviser for Sentara Healthcare.

“In the hospital, it improves our interdepartmental communication and keeps our patients safer,” Soucy says,  explaining that patients’ information “travels” securely and easily, allowing them to go to any Sentara facility and know their most current information will be available to all providers.

New Primary Care Options

Meanwhile, a new internal medicine practice, Internal Medicine of Elizabeth City, adds to the primary care options in the area, offering patients the convenience of walk-in appointments.

“It’s primary care, which was sorely needed in the area, but it’s also quasi-urgent care, as one of our two physicians sees walk-ins exclusively,” says Christine Hustedt, director of outpatient services for Chesapeake Regional Healthcare (CRH).

Internal Medicine of Elizabeth City is located in the same building as Carolina Surgical Care & Breast Center, a CRH affiliate that specializes in general, breast, esophageal and gastric surgery, and treats conditions that include breast cancer and gallbladder disease. The center also provides digital mammography and ultrasounds, while a mobile mammography unit that provides 3-D mammograms is on-site once a week. 

Meanwhile, just minutes away from Carolina Surgical Care & Breast Center is the Sleep Center at Elizabeth City, which offers home sleep testing and diagnostic sleep studies, among other tests and studies.

The center has four sleep beds serving people who have been referred by local physicians for sleep apnea or trouble staying awake during the day. Hustedt says CRH also is preparing to open a wound clinic within the same facility as the sleep lab, with a hyperbaric portion being added in summer 2018.

Coastal Pediatrics, Comprehensive Rehabilitation & Pain Specialists

Of course, any growing community needs family-oriented pediatrics practices, and Coastal Pediatrics has been serving Elizabeth City and the surrounding area for more than three decades.

The community also continues to benefit from the presence of Comprehensive Rehabilitation & Pain Specialists (CRPS), which provides services for everything from arthritis, fibromyalgia and sciatica to plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy.

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