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Fargo-Moorhead Companies Advance in Technology Sectors

Companies advance in technology sectors

By Jessica Walker Boehm on August 1, 2014

Fargo / Courtesy of Emerging Prairie

Hear that noise? It’s the boom of technology in Fargo-Moorhead.

Shane Waslaski credits a spirit of perseverance for the region’s technological prosperity, where leaders have a history of backing innovative businesses in order to support the rich quality of life found here.

“I’ve been in this community more than 20 years and lived in other metropolitan areas, and Fargo-Moorhead simply wants to be as healthy and successful as possible,” says Waslaski, CEO of Intelligent InSites, a software development company devoted to health-care solutions that improve inventory management, as well as staff and patient safety.

Waslaski points out that downtown Fargo has become a vibrant urban district for technology companies, and six area colleges and universities in the region are providing a strong pool of interns and full-time talent.

“Intelligent InSites hires interns often, and we have about a 90 percent conversion rate of our interns becoming full-time employees,” he says. “I’d also like to mention that our company originally operated at the technology incubator housed at North Dakota State University, where we eventually grew to become a company of more than 100 employees today.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Fargo-Moorhead’s economy is strengthened by companies that develop and implement new technology, whether they’re entirely new enterprises or longstanding companies that have evolved with the changing economic landscape.  For example, in an area long known as a leader in traditional agriculture, companies who are familiar names in the ag sector have become leaders in agriculture technology, such as Amity TechnologyBobcat Co. and Caterpillar Reman. These companies now develop high-tech products, such as advanced GPS-equipped agricultural and construction equipment.

Meanwhile, several local entrepreneurial startups have turned into thriving enterprises, including Myriad Mobile, which has developed mobile apps for area companies, such as Microsoft, Bobcat and Sanford Health. Another startup – Abettor’s Letters – uses game play to teach foreign languages to children and adults.

Other tech-based enterprises and organizations experiencing success in Fargo-Moorhead include Arthur Ventures (invests in software companies), Emerging Prairie (a digital media company committed to growing entrepreneurs), Packet Digital (advises customers how to cut back on energy usage) and Tech Mahindra (provides IT support systems).

The region also schedules several events that enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, including DSGNX Fargo, where designers exchange ideas, e-commerce Breakfasts for e-commerce innovators to meet, Civic Hackathon for those interested in technology and civic responsibility and Startup Weekend entrepreneurial seminars.

Clifton Labs Chooses Fargo

Blaine Booher is CEO of Clifton Labs, a Cincinnati-based company that has expanded into Fargo to focus on radio control technology applications for companies like Motorola and Kenwood. Those big-name companies serve area customers like police departments, aircraft manufacturers and utility companies.

“I am very impressed with the local talent pool interested in emerging technologies. Innovative people can be found throughout Fargo-Moorhead,” Booher says. “Clifton Labs came to Fargo in 2013 and is already doing well. When it comes to technology, Fargo is an amazing place to work and live.”

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