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Looking to Relocate Your Business? Why You Should Land in Roswell, NM

Excellent location, bountiful water, dry climate and diverse economy are key assets for this thriving city.

By Kevin Litwin on December 9, 2022

Roswell Air Center in Roswell, NM
Nathan Lambrecht

Roswell and Chaves County offer a diverse and growing economy that includes key industry sectors in aerospace, manufacturing, agribusiness and health care.

You’ll find a wealth of advantages for business investment in Roswell, including proximity to major markets, highway and rail access, available land and buildings, and a good supply of fresh water.

Roswell Air Center (RAC), located 5 miles south of the city’s central business district, anchors southeastern New Mexico’s industrial activity. RAC was originally an army airfield and training facility during the Second World War. The facility then served as part of the U.S. Strategic Air Command Nuclear Deterrent Program.

Did You Know?

Airlines from around the world store, repair and obtain parts from the giant aircraft that are already parked, or being worked on, at the Roswell Air Center.

In 1967, the airfield was closed by the Air Force and the property was transferred to the City of Roswell, where it has since been transformed into a municipal airport and aviation-related business park.

At more than 4,000 acres, the former Walker Air Force Base is home to employers such as AerSale, Avflight, CAVU Aerospace, Dean Baldwin Aircraft Painting and General Airframe Support.

Aided by New Mexico’s dry climate, which is less corrosive on plane parts, the air center is among the world’s largest storage sites for aircraft. The numerous companies located at RAC include those that store, refurbish and/or dismantle jets for parts.

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Growth Industry

Another key industry in the region is agriculture and food processing. Chaves County leads the state in hay production and number of dairy cows, with many other crops and livestock produced.

Leprino Foods Co., which bills itself as the world’s largest producer of mozzarella, operates a facility in Roswell that employs more than 600.

The Leprino plant highlights the region’s water recycling capabilities. All water used by the plant is treated for irrigation use on cropland adjacent to the plant to grow feed for local livestock. As one of the largest users of milk in the U.S., Leprino is a key player in the region’s dairy industry.

Another significant agribusiness employer in the region is the family-owned USA Beef Packing, which processes beef and bison.

A recent arrival to the area’s manufacturing sector is Red Mountain Arsenal, an ammunition manufacturing company that builds centerfire pistol and rifle cartridges. The company focuses on delivering products to domestic and foreign governments, law enforcement, domestic training organizations and commercial customers.

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