Tonawanda, NY Area Top Employers

Top employers in the Town of Tonawanda represent fields such as manufacturing, health care and retail.

On Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 10:34

The Tonawanda area has an abundant supply of water and low-cost power that draw companies, and today's economic base includes manufacturers, health care providers, retail and small businesses.

1000+ Employees


Dunlop Tire

General Motors-Powertrain

999-500 Employees

Kenmore Mercy Hospital

FedEx Trade Networks

E.I.DuPont de Nemours

JW Danforth

499-300 Employees

United Health Care

White Directory

3M Tonawanda

299-200 Employees

Schofield Residence

Frey Electric

NOCO Energy

Great Lakes Orthodontics

199-100 Employees