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AES Ohio is Powering Forward

AES Ohio invests in smart grid technology.

By Livability on August 16, 2022

AES Ohio is investing $249 million in capital projects over the next four years to deploy smart grid technology.
Courtesy of AES Ohio

AES Ohio is proud to call the Miami Valley home. And the families that live here deserve the very best. That’s why AES Ohio is continually planning and investing for the future needs of its customers and strengthening the energy infrastructure to keep your power on and your lives running.

AES Ohio, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), will invest $249 million in capital projects over the next four years to deploy smart grid technology for customers in the Miami Valley. 

“This is an important moment for our AES Ohio people and the customers we serve, as we move forward in our digital transformation to bring all customers innovative grid technologies,” says AES Ohio President and CEO Kristina Lund.

Modernizing the grid to make it “smarter” using cutting-edge technologies to deliver electricity more reliably and efficiently can greatly reduce the frequency and duration of power outages, reduce storm impacts and restore service faster when outages occur. Smart grids have self-healing capabilities and enable electricity customers to become active participants.

Consumers can better manage their own energy consumption and costs because they have easier access to their own data. 

Utilities also benefit from a modernized grid, including improved security, reduced peak loads, increased integration of renewables and lower operational costs.

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Highlights of AES Ohio’s plan include:

  • Upgrading to an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), or “Smart Meters,” to improve overall customer experience through better system reliability, performance and communication.   
  • Installation of technology to allow “self-healing” of portions of the grid, which isolates problems and automatically re-routes power without service interruption to customers.   
  • Implementation of rebate programs for electric vehicle supply equipment and smart thermostats. 

AES Ohio serves more than 527,000 customers, representing 1.25 million people in West Central Ohio. Its service area covers 24 counties within 6,000 square miles.

“We are committed to accelerating a safer and greener energy future while providing reliable and affordable energy service to our customers,” Lund concludes. 

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