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Healthy and Happy in Hamilton County

High-quality care is a Hamilton staple.

By Laura Hill on May 12, 2020

Reid Health

Hamilton draws you in with its top job opportunities, location advantage – it is housed between Cincinnati and Dayton – beautiful arts scene and numerous recreation activities, but it also boasts one more plus that you can check off your list – high-quality health care. It’s three main medical facilities include Fort Hamilton Hospital-Kettering Health Network, TriHealth Bethesda Butler Hospital and Community First Solutions.

Each of these facilities is filled with talented individuals who are keeping the area healthy and happy. Here’s what two of them have to say about the kind of service you can expect in Hamilton.

Higher Education Creates Opportunity in Hamilton Co.

Q & A with Ron Connovich, President of Fort Hamilton Hospital

Q: What kind of care does Fort Hamilton Hospital provide?

A:  As a general acute-care hospital, we do everything except transplants and open-heart surgery. In the past year, we’ve had a very strong focus on access. We’ve added a large family care practice and a full-service cancer center, introduced an interventional spine program, and started a trauma program. Now, instead of going out of the area, patients are coming here.

Q: What can you tell us about the new cancer center?

A: We opened the full-service center in renovated space, with private infusion spaces overlooking a beautiful garden and a state-of-the-art linear accelerator used to treat via radiation. Most of these treatments require repeat visits, so having the center close by helps take the stress off families and patients. We want patients to focus on their recovery, not how do I get to my treatment.

Q: The hospital recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. How important is its involvement in the community?

A: We’re very well ingrained in the community, and we get involved in almost anything that’s happening.As just one example, we partner with the city schools, and last year, we raised 2,000 boxes of cereal to help kids who go home over the holidays without food.

Hamilton is Home of Champions

Q & A with Brett Kirkpatrick, CEO of Community First Solutions

Q: How does Community First Solutions operate to best serve the region?

A:  We’re a broad-spectrum organization. We start at preschool, and a significant part of what we provide is mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse services. We try to meet our customers and clients where they are and offer a continuum of service that touches everybody.

Q: How is Community First Solutions regarded by the community?

A: Perception is one of our greatest strengths. We’re known as a high-quality, community-centric organization. We need to do the right thing for our clients as well as our community, and we’ve had a team that has worked hard to get there.

Q: What does the future hold for Community First Solutions?

A: As we look at health care transforming over the next 5-10 years, we focus on how we bring services together and at the right time. It’s no longer acceptable for a hospital to say we’re happy to take care of you only when you are in the hospital. We are uniquely positioned to put together a portfolio of services that can follow you where your needs are. It’s the health care of the future.

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