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Arts and Culture in Claremore, OK

Residents have access to spectacular artistic outlets

By Stephanie Inman on July 20, 2016

Claremore, OK: Will Rogers Memorial Museum
Claremore / Mandy Lundy

Whether you’re an art connoisseur looking for visual stimulation, or a history buff on the hunt for a piece of timeless Americana, there are plenty of ways to get your culture fix in Claremore. Here are four worth checking out:

Robson Performing Arts Center

Support the local arts with a visit to Robson Performing Arts Center. This huge facility features roughly 70,000 square feet of floor space and seating for 1,100 patrons. But, best of all, the center’s mission is to promote arts education for the students of the Claremore School District. From dance recitals and plays to musicals, Robson provides the setting for kids to explore their love of the arts. So every dollar you spend there goes back to inciting imagination and innovation in the next generation of performers and  creators.                                                                       

J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum

This must-see museum boasts the proud honor of being the largest private gun collection in the world. Step inside, and you’ll be transported to battlefields, hunting grounds and ages gone by where outlaws (and the firepower they wielded) roamed dusty horse trails. The museum’s collection was originally the passion of its namesake, who first started collecting firearms to decorate the local hotel he ran on the side of Route 66. In 1965, Davis created a foundation to manage the collection, which was leased to the State of Oklahoma for $1. His mandate that the collection be available at no charge is still honored today, giving visitors from all over the state a great reason to take in this extraordinary look at American firepower.

Oklahoma Military Academy Museum at Rogers State University

The Oklahoma Military Academy was once hailed as the West Point of the Southwest, and its museum continues to carry on the tradition of celebrating military excellence. The museum’s building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s also a great celebration of Claremore’s relationship with the past and the future of the U.S. military.

Claremore Museum of History

While other local museums celebrate a specific aspect of the area’s history, the Claremore Museum of History lauds it all – from the region’s cowboy beginnings to its place in pop culture through performers such as Will Rogers (whose former library houses the museum) and Patti Page, and plays like Oklahoma! The museum gives visitors a look at the best Claremore has to offer – a connection to the past with an eye toward the future.

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