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Okaloosa County/Greater Fort Walton Beach Area

The sugar sand beaches and emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico capture the eyes and hearts of anyone visiting the Florida coast, so it’s no surprise that Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa County have seen consistent growth over the past decade. Many people visited as military officers or tourists but never forgot the gorgeous region and returned to its shores. Besides its natural beauty, there are several other reasons why people choose to call the Emerald Coast home.

Check out the new edition of Livability Okaloosa County – Greater Fort Walton Beach Area magazine to learn more about why people and companies relocate to this dynamic region. This issue is sponsored by the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce.

In This Issue

Where to Live Now

9 Reasons to Move to Okaloosa County Right Now

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Why I Started My Business in Fort Walton Beach (and You Can, Too!)

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Welcome to Business-Friendly Okaloosa County, FL

Experiences & Adventures

Beyond the Beach: Catch the Artsy Vibes of Okaloosa County

Healthy Places

Stay Fit and Healthy in Okaloosa County, FL

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Why Okaloosa County Lands Droves of Defense Jobs

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Okaloosa County Students Are Ready to Excel

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Choose From 8 Great Universities and Colleges in Okaloosa County

Where to Live Now

Meet the Communities of Okaloosa County

Education, Careers & Opportunity

Tax Boost Brings Historic Improvements To Okaloosa Schools

Education, Careers & Opportunity

LiveOak Fiber Is Expanding Opportunities in Okaloosa County

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