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Tech Talent Is Thriving in Williamson County

With one of the country's best cities for STEM jobs and tech job growth across the board, Williamson County is becoming a high tech hotspot.

By Kayla Walden on August 16, 2018

Franklin, TN
Franklin / Courtesy of Caddis Interactive

Nashville’s residential and economic development sectors are on the rise and it appears that the tech industry is playing a major role in that growth.

That’s good news for neighboring Williamson County, which has its fair share of boasting to do when it comes to providing tech jobs for its residents. According to the 2017 Nashville IT Labor Study, Williamson County has seen a 73 percent increase in IT employment over the last five years.

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The 2016 U.S. Census Bureau also named Williamson County among the top 100 fastest-growing counties with a 3.5 percent growth rate. It was also identified in 2016 as having the highest rate of job growth nationwide at a whopping 5.1 percent.

For the sake of comparison, the national employment growth rate rolled in at a leisurely 1.2 percent.

Concentration of High-Tech Companies

Over the last several years, this charming southern county has seen an increased concentration of high-tech companies in the Brentwood and Franklin areas (it’s not surprising that Franklin was recently named one of Livability’s 10 Best Cities for STEM Workers). Companies are actively choosing to locate their headquarters in these highly-educated areas. It’s understandable since the talented labor pool, paired with the amenities Williamson County offers in terms of housing, quality of life and recreation make it an ideal location for employer and employee alike.

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While this certainly rings true for many sectors of the economy, it’s particularly evident in the tech sphere. Among the top of the pack to call Williamson County home are Caddis Interactive, LeanKit and Digital Reasoning.

Leading the Field in Innovative Technology

Digital Reasoning easily stands out as one of the major players in innovative technology. They’re utilizing software to impact the global community at large, while also protecting some of its most vulnerable members.

“We use artificial intelligence to build software solutions that help people isolate their most valuable information, such as risks, opportunities and anomalies, that are buried in massive amounts of data,†says talent acquisition specialist Morgan Stewart.

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For their team, that can range from uncovering stealthy insider trading and combating human trafficking, to supporting national security and helping hospitals more quickly identify and start rapid treatment for cancer.

“Our software allows you to quickly focus on what’s important,†says Stewart. “It helps our customers make faster, smarter decisions.â€

Franklin, TN
Franklin / Courtesy of Caddis Interactive

Family-Friendly Benefits

From the moment you step foot in Williamson County, as a new resident or first-time visitor, you can tell it’s a family-friendly area. From the countless festivals to the award-winning education system, it’s abundantly clear this is an ideal location to raise a family.

The booming technology industry isn’t exactly known for its family-friendly work life balance. However, the tech companies in Williamson County not only embrace this quality, but encourage it through their benefit offerings, as well.

Williamson County: Where Everyone Is Welcome

In addition to offering competitive compensation, many of the tech companies that call middle Tennessee home incentivize team members with a laundry list of jaw-dropping benefits. Open-ended PTO, flexible work hours, generous work-from-home policies, state-of-the-art facilities and company-paid medical care are just a few of the perks you might find if you enter the tech workforce in Williamson County.

Digital Reasoning offers all of these benefits and more. Stewart says the company has a track record of providing quality incentives that show their team members they’re valued.

This year, they even added pet insurance to their long list of employee perks.

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Nowhere to Go But Up

More and more innovative companies in the area allow their team members to work flexible hours or work remotely from the location of their choice.

But when employees come to visit their company headquarters in Williamson County, they have a difficult time not falling in love with the community. Many even choose to move here despite their ability to work remotely.

Given the cost of housing, access to good education, and area amenities – everything from concerts to theater shows and fine dining – it’s really no surprise population growth is on the rise. Combine the high quality of life with the rise of Williamson County’s innovative technology sector, and it’s easy to see why this community has nowhere to go but up.

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