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How Eastman is Part of Every Day Life

Most households already have a bit of Kingsport in them.

By Val Hunt Beerbower on June 26, 2020

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Approximately 14,500 people around the world work for Eastman, a $9.3 billion company headquartered in Kingsport. Since 1920, Eastman has influenced the lives of people every day with a broad range of products. They’ve always relied on innovation for growth, taking advantage of technology, customer engagement and differentiating applications to become a leader with products in markets such as transportation, building and construction, and consumables.

As a result, households around the world have a bit of Kingsport influence in them, whether it’s obvious or not.

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Here are a few everyday items made possible by Eastman:

  • Common containers, like bleach or laundry detergent bottles, often contain Eastman Aspira plastic resins

  • Look around for clear plastic anywhere, from medical offices to pantry storage containers, baby bottles, blenders and travel bottles, and it may be Eastman Tritan – a heat and chemical resistant, BPA- and BPS-free, and scratch- and shatter-proof plastic

  • Book bindings, wax sealings and some food packaging may all contain Regalite, an Eastman-developed hydrocarbon resin

  • Some textiles, like cleaning rags, contain Eastman Estron acetate yarn, a U.S. Department of Agriculture Biobased-Certified fiber created with wood pulp

  • Radios, telephones, toothbrushes and plush toys are all products that often use Tenite cellulosics, one of the oldest Eastman products

  • Clear plastic containers used by cosmetics companies often are from Eastman’s Glass Polymer family of materials

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  • Shrink film on odd-shaped consumer products (think: curvy plastic water bottles) might be a copolyester called Eastman Embrace

  • Flat-screen televisions and smartphone displays often have Eastman Visualize film coats

  • Look just about anywhere in your home to land on things that likely contain Eastman 168 non-phthalate plasticizers – from caps and plastic container lids to coating on electric wiring, flooring, garden hoses, upholstery, toys and more

  • High-end appliances, like vacuum cleaners and personal electronics, often incorporate Eastar copolyesters, which create shimmery plastic

  • Paint on a pretty accent wall goes on more easily with the Eastman Optifilm family of low-VOC additives

  • Roofing, carpet backing and window sealing can contain Eastoflex polyolefin polymers, preferred for their sealing and waterproofing capabilities

  • Adhesive products, like electrical tape and labels, often have Eastotac hydrocarbon resins, as they are preferred for retaining vibrant color in such thin applications

  • Auto navigation displays are one application for Eastman TrÄ“va, an engineering bioplastic that is a cellulose-based thermoplastic

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Committed to Sustainability

Eastman products enhance quality of life, all while supporting sustainable innovation. As a global company, Eastman recognizes its role in addressing the changing needs of the world and its growing population. The company has aligned sustainability goals under the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to focus on some of the world’s greatest challenges as a universal call to action. These goals are reviewed regularly and establish targets that challenge Eastman to continually improve.

These goals include:

  • Steering a sustainable portfolio: Creating innovative value through sustainable products.

  • Driving resource productivity: Creating productivity value through a more efficient use of resources.

  • Focused good for good: Creating shared value through strategic partnerships and social innovation.

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Benchmarks for these goals include reducing energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions both by 20% by the end of 2020; pushing safety standards to zero incidents; increasing water use efficiency and ensuring sustainable withdrawal and supply; and supporting catalytic projects and initiatives focused on education, environment, empowerment and economic development around the world.

These all underpin the drive for Eastman to innovate more sustainably advantaged products. The initiatives have also helped Eastman claim accolades from global partners, including winning their eighth consecutive Energy Star “Partner of the Year Award,†and a seven-time honoree as Ethisphere’s “Most Ethical Company†designation.

If you’d like to learn more about the Kingsport area, check out the latest issue of Livability: Kingsport, Tennessee

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