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A&H Companies Puts People First

Founder: "Our mission at A&H is to get to know people."

By Livability on June 28, 2022

A&H Companies, Murfreesboro, TN
Courtesy of A&H Companies

A&H Companies, based in Murfreesboro, TN, offers a unique perspective and a fresh approach when connecting employers with employees. 

“People are a responsibility not a commodity,” says founder Robin Housch. “A&H is not a temp labor provider. We equip companies and empower employees for long-term working relationships.” 

“My mother instilled in me to treat all people with respect, regardless of their differences, teaching me that we all come into the world the same way and that everyone has unique gifts to offer. With that in mind, our mission at A&H is to get to know people.” 

The process begins with a conversation to learn more about the individual’s goals and interests. Once determined, the team focuses on matching the culture as well as the skill of the applicant with the right company. 

“This model has yielded a high success rate for our applicants and our client companies,” Housch says. “It works because we care about people and so do the companies we serve. We like to partner with companies that share our mission and values regarding people.” 

Robin Housch and her staff at A&H work with companies and employees to find the right match for potential jobs. 

A&H welcomes the opportunity to work side by side with staffing partners. 

“We each play a role in the goal to meet the clients’ needs,” she adds. “Our role is to stabilize the client’s workforce and reduce turnover. Being an integral partner of our clients’ HR team sets the foundation for success. Our job is to provide top talent, maintain morale, reduce turnover, support our employees and make our clients’ jobs easier.” 

That caring culture and commitment led to the founding of The Sweet Addiction, a nonprofit job readiness program serving Middle Tennessee. 

The Sweet Addiction employs and works with individuals in recovery and those who have barriers to employment. It provides opportunities to enrich their lives and others through employment, mentorship, community outreach and other supportive services. 

“Good people make poor choices,” Housch says. “It all comes down to the Golden Rule and treating people like we want to be treated.” 

For more information, visit a-hcompanies.com, email Danielle@a-hcompanies. com or contact us at 615-713-0949. 

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