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Serenity Now: Rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Soul in Rutherford County

Rutherford County's alternative wellness facilities put them ahead of the pack

By Julie Young on May 22, 2019

Rutherford County TN
Murfreesboro / Photo Courtesy of Float Alchemy

When it comes to treating pain, combating chronic conditions and rejuvenating the soul, Rutherford County residents are turning to alternative wellness facilities to complement conventional care. 

From flotation tanks to exercise saunas and breathable salt rooms, there are plenty of options to help community members find a moment of sweet serenity.

Murfreesboro / Photo by Jeff Adkins

Pass the Salt

Are you ready to add a little flavor to your life? Salt may be the miracle mineral you need to look and feel great. For centuries, salt therapy (aka halotherapy) has been used to clear congestion, relieve respiratory issues and alleviate a number of skin conditions. The age-old treatment is being rediscovered by those who want a natural option to heal from what ails them.

“We have been doing salt therapy as a family for several years now because our son had allergies. After an evening session in South Florida, we noticed that he didn’t cough at all. When we moved back to Tennessee, we decided to open our own facility,†says Cara Backus, owner of Breathe Easy Salt Rooms.

Off the Clock in Rutherford County

Breathe Easy Salt Rooms offers two wellness spaces for those looking for relief. Families can book a 50 minute session in the Beach Room, which features a variety of sand toys. But you can also opt to take a break in the Adult Relaxation Room with Himalayan and Dead Sea salts.

“We have new people coming in all the time and that’s exciting,†she says. “We are lucky to live in an area where folks appreciate so many natural approaches to healthy living.”

Murfreesboro / Photo by Jeff Adkins

Drift Away

Thanks to smartphones, we live with the world at our fingertips. That level of convenience also makes it easy to succumb to sensory overload. When it’s time to disconnect from the noise and stress of everyday life, Float Alchemy uses the power of nature to restore balance to their clients’ lives.

“Our low-sensory flotation sessions allow our clients to forget where their body ends and where the water begins,†says owner Amy Grimes. “They lay in a near zero-gravity state, buoyed by 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt, for a very relaxing experience.”

Grimes discovered the power of flotation tanks after enduring years of chronic pain and frustration. Not long after that first float, she was on the road to recovery and had a whole new lease on life. She quit her job, trained to become a massage therapist and began researching alternative therapies and trends that might help others.

Murfreesboro / Photo Courtesy of Float Alchemy

In addition to float tank therapy, Float Alchemy offers whole body cryotherapy, infrared sauna suites and massage. There’s also a 12-tap kombucha taproom full of gut-healthy drinks and products that can help heal your body from the inside out.

Turn Up the Heat

If you are looking to flush toxins from your body while burning massive amounts of calories, HOTWORX is a great addition to your fitness routine. The virtually instructed exercise program offers users all of the benefits of infrared heat absorption coupled with a traditional workout.

Franchise owner Kyle Merritt says while exercise is a great way to burn fat, adding an infrared sauna to your workout will give you a bigger bang for your buck. Unlike surface heat, infrared heat penetrates the body and continues to burn calories even after the session is over.

“We have new people coming in all the time and that’s exciting. We are lucky to live in an area where folks appreciate so many natural approaches to healthy living.”

Cara Backus, Breathe Easy Salt Rooms

“I have bursitis and swelling in my elbow and after adding the environment of a sauna to my stretches, I could not believe how much better I felt,†he says. “I started to get on a bike and pedal in there as well. It enhanced my workouts like you wouldn’t believe.”

With two locations in Murfreesboro, HOTWORX offers sauna-based versions of popular regimens such as Pilates, yoga and cycling to fit anyone’s workout needs and lifestyle. The convenience kicker: You can pop in for a workout 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No excuses.

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