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10 Reasons to Live, Work and Invest in the Nashville, TN Area

By Bill McMeekin on May 24, 2017

Nashville, TN
Nashville / Hollis Burns

1. Skills & Smarts. Along with a skilled workforce for advanced manufacturing and distribution industries, the Nashville area is known as the Athens of the South for its presence of nearly two dozen higher education institutions.

2. Address of Choice: The Nashville area is a destination of  corporate headquarters and Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s best known brands make their home here.

3. Accessibility. The region is strategically located within 650 miles of 150 million people and has excellent air, rail and highway access for both residents and businesses.

4. Globally Positioned: The Nashville does business with the world. The region is a hub for foreign direct investment and a slew of international companies, including Bridgestone, Nissan, Hankook, Electrolux and Beretta.

5. Cutting-Edge Health Care. Health care is the region’s largest industry and continues to grow. No one benefits more than residents, who enjoy proximity and access to leading-edge services provided at state-of-the-art facilities.

6. Innovation Engine: With major research assets like Vanderbilt University and deep roots in industries including health care and entertainment, the Nashville area is a hub for new technology breakthroughs in emerging fields.

7. Creative Energy: Cool companies like the entrepreneurial climate in the Nashville area. The region offers a wealth of resources that support startup activity and access to innovation engines like Vanderbilt University

8. Epic Entertainment: A big hit for live music, for sure, but also a major food, night life and sports region as well.

9. Friendly Faces. Economic growth has not at all compromised the welcoming nature of Middle Tennessee residents, with Nashville making several “friendliest cities” lists over the past decade.

10. Topography & Climate: The Nashville area has a mild climate, verdant landscapes and rolling hills, perfect factors for enjoying expanding parks and greenways, thriving youth leagues, and beautiful state, county and municipal parks.

For more information, contact: The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

211 Commerce St #100

Nashville, TN 37201

(615) 743-3000 www.nashvillechamber.com

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