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2019 6 Affordable Islands You Can Actually Live On

Because why not vacay every day?

Does living on an island sound like a dream? Is your mind jetting off to places like Martha’s VineyardMaui or Key West? Those postcard-perfect spots are wonderful, yes. But they're also very, very expensive.

Instead, let us take your imagination on a delightful detour to some lesser-known islands where you can live year-round — and for a surprisingly affordable price.

Hundreds of islands dot the United States, many of which are ideal places to not just vacation, but also live, especially if you want to trade the hubbub of a big city for a slower pace of life. Here are a half dozen islands where you can vacation every day of the week that ends in the letter “Y.” The best part? The median home prices on these islands doesn’t exceed $350,000 (and in some instances is much, much less than that).

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