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Cities With The Most Unique & Welcoming Coworking Spaces

From female-forward spaces to a shipping container, these co-working spaces help workers think outside the box.

By Claire Hannum on August 3, 2021

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As the working world grows more and more remote-friendly, we’re greeted with an ever-expanding array of co-working spaces to choose from. Whether you’re an artist, a tech entrepreneur, or a remote employee at a Fortune 500 company, there is a co-working space out there that’s built just for you. Find your people and amp up your productivity at one of these unique and welcoming co-working spaces that are shaking things up.

The Coven Coworking Space

1. Minneapolis, MN

The Coven
Within the vibrant, art-covered walls of The Coven, a community of women, non-binary, and trans members work together to build businesses and create shared connections. With weekly events focused on various topics, including wellness, finance, and advocacy, there’s always an opportunity to learn and grow. Minneapolis is also a great place for tech growth

2. Seattle, WA

Black Dot
Founded to provide a safe space for Black entrepreneurs, creatives, and community builders, Black Dot offers an array of opportunities to grow. At the Seattle-based Black Dot, you’ll find shared and private workspaces, as well as events, communal gathering spaces, workshops, and ever-expanding career resources. 


3. Wilmington, NC

Coworx at the Cargo District
Ever answered emails from the comfort of a cozy shipping container? (Yes, you read that right!) Coworx is located in the Cargo District, Wilmington’s shipping container community and local hot spot. Billed as an urban market and “work village,” the Cargo District is a creative hub of bright ideas and opportunity. And let’s be real – shipping containers also just look really, really cool.

4. Lancaster, PA

INSPIRE Business Community
This community for female entrepreneurs offers more than just a space to sit with your laptop. It’s a hub for creativity, collaboration, and mentoring. With business coaching, events hosting, and networking on the docket; it’s easy to see why INSPIRE’s motto is “you belong here.” Plus, the space is located in Lancaster, PA which is known for being a hub for technology and startups in Pennsylvania. No matter what stage your business is in, there’s space at INSPIRE for you to grow.

Women at a coworking space office
Annie Bayer

5. Broken Arrow, OK

Coworking Bravely
Helping female entrepreneurs succeed in business is the mission at Coworking Bravely, a women-only working space that owner Sarah Aschkenas opened in August 2019 in Broken Arrow’s revitalized downtown Rose District. Featuring 2,300 square feet of tall ceilings, a kitchenette, multiple conference rooms and plenty of space to host workshops, parties, educational events and more, the space is home to women across all industries and focuses on helping women foster their careers while maintaining work-life balance. 

6. Appleton, WI

Appleton Coworking
This charming space stands out for its nonprofit status, a rarity in the world of co-working spaces. This member-run spot in bustling Appleton centers around values like sustainability, accessibility, and collaboration. It’s more than a place to work – it’s a launchpad for community projects that make a difference in the surrounding area.

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