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Here’s What The Entrepreneurial Work Style Looks Like

If you want to start working more like an entrepreneur, or simply need some uplifting motivational work tips, these are the tips you need.

By Brett Smith on July 3, 2017

Entrepreneurial Work Style

You hear about it all the time … the entrepreneurial environment, the startup culture, the entrepreneurial work style. Other than a tech startup working in a garage or within an incubator and accelerator, what do these phrases mean in real business?

The passion and hard work to drive an idea or reach a goal can be translated to a work style in corporate environments. A person must simply embrace the core values and attitudes that famously drive entrepreneurs to reach massive success.

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Believe In Yourself

To work like a successful entrepreneur, you ought to be well grounded. There is an inherent loneliness in working hard on something you believe in and often the buck will stop with you. You are often all by yourself in the actions you take and if you want to create something great, there are times when you will feel isolated and alone. The faster you can embrace that and conform to that reality, the faster you’ll be capable of plowing through the tough times to reach your goals.

Be Passionate

Along with believing in yourself, it also helps to believe in a purpose, or something greater than you. The best entrepreneurs are driven by the passion to make a difference – in their field, their community or larger world.

Like believing in yourself, believing in a purpose can be your guiding light in the darkest of times.

Think Critically

In order to find opportunities, you need to look at things in a critical manner. Mentally break down a piece of equipment or process into its component parts and assess each one to see how it might be more effective, efficient or safe.

For instance, perhaps a process you do 10 or 20 times a day could be shortened by 20 seconds. If you could shave off those 20 seconds, you’d be saving yourself and others who also do this process 6 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week and almost 29 hours each year. That’s valuable time you could be doing something else.

Thinking critically means being open to different points of view and accepting new information. It might mean using unconventional methods or using a familiar tool in a completely new way.

Most importantly, it’s important to identify a problem first, not identify a solution and then start looking for a problem.

Learn From Others

While being an entrepreneur means working with new ideas, that doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the process to getting those ideas accepted by others. Many people have come before you with brilliant new ideas; some of them were successful at marketing them and some weren’t.

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It’s important that you learn from both groups. If possible, avoid mistakes made by both people you know and more famous individuals. Embrace the successful tactics used by these people.

For instance, perhaps one of your co-workers was effectively able to change the way something in your office is done. In order to push your ideas more effectively, analyze what she or he did and apply those same core methods, but in your own distinct way.

Find A Mentor

If possible, find a person more senior than you that you can trust for feedback and direction. A mentor can help you avoid the same mistake she or he made and adopt practices they know to be effective.

If you can’t find a mentor, books and educational programs are great resources that can also help you avoid mistake and be more effective.

Focus On The Future

Entrepreneurs are willing to accept short-term pain for long-term gain. If you have an important goal that you are striving for, don’t be afraid to work long hours, cut back your spending, take classes or do whatever else it might take to get there.

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