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These Are the 10 Best Cities for STEM Workers

Looking for a great city with high-paying STEM jobs? We analyzed more than 2,000 American cities, and these 10 came out on top.

By Winona Dimeo-Ediger on June 12, 2018

10 Best Cities for STEM

When it comes to promising career paths, STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is where it’s at. STEM-related jobs are expected to increase by 13 percent through 2025, compared to 9 percent for non-STEM fields.

And STEM jobs aren’t just plentiful; they’re lucrative.

The national average salary for STEM jobs is $87,570, nearly twice the average for non-STEM occupations.

With STEM professions in such high demand, Livability’s data team was determined to answer a very important question: What are the best cities in America for STEM workers?

To find the answer, we analyzed data for more than 2,000 cities, looking at the number of STEM jobs available, how much those jobs pay, and the general quality of life offered in each place.

These 10 cities came out on top.

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