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If You Love Pizza, Here’s Where You Want to Live

Does your life revolve around pizza? Then follow the smell of pepperoni to one of these pizza capitals.

By Taylor Croteau on August 3, 2015

Robbinsdale / facebook.com/PigAteMyPizza

There are people who love pizza, and then there are pizza fanatics. These are people who dissect each slice, comb through ingredients and demand perfection. Once the perfect pie is discovered, it’s hard to settle for anything less. But would you move for pizza? 

The U.S. is filled with some remarkable pizzerias, from rural Alabama to metropolitan New York. If you’re looking for a guide to the greatest pizzas this nation has to offer, you’ve come to the right place. From every region, North, South, East and West, we’ve found the greatest cities for pizza lovers all over the country. Stop by any of these places and grab a slice; you won’t be disappointed.

1. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia’s not just famous for its cheesesteaks. The city boasts incredible pizzas led by the outstanding Pizzeria Vetri. Marc Vetri’s Pizzeria has taken the city and the nation by storm. Named one of the country’s top 25 best new restaurants of 2014, this eatery’s pizza has gained wild popularity quickly. And it’s not shocking considering Vetri’s dedication to authentic Italian pizza with only the finest and freshest ingredients.

2. Oakland, CA

The entire state of California offers some incredible pizzerias, but Oakland takes the cake with the amazing A16 Rockridge. Led by owner Shelley Lindgren and chef Rocky Maselli, A16 Rockridge combines Puglian culinary traditions with fresh ingredients from Northern California. Their open dining room shows off wood-fire ovens that churn out Neapolitan pizzas alongside roasted fish and meats. Pizza lovers rejoice!

3. Robbinsdale, MN

For truly funky and fun pizza pies, Robbinsdale is the place to go. This suburb outside Minneapolis isn’t your run-of-the-mill small town; it boasts its own personality that certainly shines through in its incredibly outrageous pizza. Its most famous pizzeria, Pig Ate My Pizza, lets its Robbinsdale freak flag fly with pizza toppings from pulled pork shoulder to potato chips, all served on their signature brioche crust.

4. Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Ala., may not be everyone’s first guess for phenomenal pizza, but Bettola chef James Lewis is changing that quickly. After spending months in Naples, Lewis has brought back everything he’s learned about amazing pizza pies. A massive Napoli-made oven cooks fantastic thin-crust pizzas in just over a minute. “Everything about our pizzas is alive, the toppings, the bread, the taste.” For fresh ingredients and truly authentic flavor, Bettola is a must-try.

5. New York City, NY

Last but certainly not least, New York City is world-famous for some fantastic pizza pies. And it’s no wonder people from all over the world recognize New York’s culinary masterpieces. The city has dozens of uniquely amazing pizzerias to please any pizza connoisseur. It’s a no-brainer that any true pizza lover absolutely must try some famous New York-style pizza. Lombardi’s Pizza on Spring Street is among the most popular pizza destinations in the Big Apple. Grimaldi’s comes in a close second, but the thing about NYC is you can find a great pizza place in just about every neighborhood, or even two or three. 

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