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Living the Dream: I’m a Digital Nomad

By Winona Dimeo-Ediger on February 12, 2020

Digital Nomad|Digital Nomad
Arlene Freudenberg

Welcome to Living the Dream, a Livability.com series about people who made their big dreams a reality — and the places and communities that made it possible. Do you know someone who’s carved out a unique lifestyle or business in a small town or small to mid-sized city? We’re always looking for great stories. Email our editor for a chance to be featured!

Name: Arlene Freudenberg

Age:  28

Occupation: Digital Engagement Manager at Sculpt

Current location: Wandering somewhere in the Southwest or West Coast. Basically avoiding the snow as much as possible this winter. 

Tell us about your job. What does a normal workday look like for you?  

The only thing “normal” about my job is that I always sit down at my computer with a cup of coffee. Otherwise, there is a lot of variety in my day — which is what I prefer. Some days I might be on a call with the team brainstorming a new video concept while other days I’m neck deep in data trying to solve my client’s objectives as efficiently as possible. But that’s exactly why I love my job! I love that every day is different and every client has different needs. Yes, we have standard procedures and ways we do things. However, getting that creative freedom to craft unique messaging and find strategic ways to target specific audiences really keeps me on my toes. 

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