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The 5 Most Woof-Worthy Dog Parks in America

The top dog parks give dogs and owners a place to have fun

By Kaitlyn Chow on March 17, 2015

Franklin TN Dog Park: Maggie's Bark Park

Across the country, dog owners hunt for the perfect places where they can let their pets play with other dogs. While many communities have dog parks, the best dog parks offer massive play areas, size-appropriate spaces and obstacles that keep dogs entertained. Here’s a look at the best dog parks in America. 

1. Lowell, Ind.Freedom Bark Park

Let your pooch find freedom at this 114-acre farmland-turned-park. While most of the acreage is a developing park, five fenced-in acres have been allotted for fur-friendly activities like a solar well for drinking, butterfly garden, prairie grass for sniffing around and shelter for a nice, shaded break. The park was originally established by the goodwill of private donors and over 3,000 hours of work by volunteers. These thoughtful citizens have also made “go green” initiatives such as offering biodegradable poop bags.

2. Jacksonville, Fla.Dog Wood Park

With 42 acres to swim, play and learn, this dog park offers each fuzzy visitor and their human a chance to relax and recharge. Agility and obedience courses, bathing services, puppy kindergarten, two-acre swimming lake (Lake Bow Wow) and their dog shop are only some of their wag-worthy features. An $11 admission cost may seem pricy, but for the sheer size of the park, the availability of 10 acres of nature trails, and three lighted acres that are accessible until 10 p.m. make every padded foot of this park worth it.

3. Provincetown, Mass. – Pilgrim Bark Park

Pilgrim Bark Park was launched in 2008 by the Provincetown Dog Park Association, a unique park spotted with sculptures, donated by local Cape Cod artists, and painted benches. The park is a registered a 501(c)3 nonprofit maintained by private donations. Along with Art in the Park, which features local artists’ work, they have a Dog Mart full of fun merchandise for Fido. The town boasts a general friendly atmosphere for dogs, and some restaurants along the famous Commercial Street welcome humans and their pets. If you are here around the fall season, don’t miss out on their annual Provincetown fall festival held by the Carrie A. Seaman Animal Shelter, a daylong event of fun for both humans and fur children.

4. Princeton, NJRocky Top Dog Park

Rocky Top, while it offers fairly standard separate play areas for larger and smaller dogs, is unique in its offering a special and safe area for tiny canines under six months old. This gives even the smallest four-legged friends a chance to play outdoors. For the older crowd, there are two acres of running space, a swimming pond, waterfall, socials and play groups. The park began as a private foundation and is now owned by the township.  

5. Houston, Texas – Bill Archer Dog Park

Many Houston locals recommend Bill Archer Park alongside Millie Bush Dog Park. Bill Archer Park welcomes your dog to one of its two distinguished areas, categorizing pups by size. They offer walking trails, agility courses and wash stations to clean up your fur child before getting back in the car. Pup-friendly water fountains, large areas to run and a swimming pool are several favorites of visitors, and reviewers rave about the openness of the large dog park and the perfect size of the small dog park. Owners have been mentioned to be kind and considerate as well. The 17-acre park is equipped with agility gear and a fun bone-shaped pond.

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