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7 Things Movers Will Not Move On Moving Day

Some things you may already know, but some things may surprise you

By Kelsey Robertson on August 5, 2015


While having a new place to call your own is exciting, the stresses and tribulations of transitioning to a new home are endless, especially if it is uncharted territory. Arguably one of the most daunting tasks is consolidating possessions and arranging for a mover to move them to your new residence. What many may not know is that there is a list of items that movers cannot and will not pack up in their truck. Some are obvious; some may strike you as surprising. Either way, take a peek at the items that major moving companies – such as Two Men and a Truck and Red Spot – will not move and avoid one more source of stress on moving day.  

Irreplaceable Valuables

Movers elect to not be responsible for items that have obvious value or things that cannot be replicated or easily replaced. Items such as keys, laptops, jewelry, cash, coin collections, paintings, stock certificates and other important documents should be taken with you. Many moving companies will also not move wine bottles or open containers of alcohol, so it may be time to throw a moving party.


In order for major moving companies to move any firearms, they must not contain any rounds of ammunition. However, they will also not move any gun powder, fireworks or just about anything that could possibly go “boom.” Bullets and gun powder are things you’ll need to transport yourself. As for fireworks, see previous suggestion about the moving party.

Perishable Food

Moving companies will not move any food item with an expiration date, including refrigerated, frozen and perishable pantry items. The best bet is to transport these items via cooler or incorporate them into your dishes prior to moving. Maybe they will come in handy for that going away party!



Need we clarify this one? Movers will not (and are not responsible) for transporting your pets, from goldfish to your dog or cat. Most airlines will accommodate your pets if you are traveling via airline and will allow service animals to come aboard with you.


Besides the mess that plants can cause, movers will not and cannot move plants. In fact, movers need a special license to move plants more than 150 miles so that pests will not start a new home along with you. If you’re moving within the parameters of 150 miles, it is best to ask ahead of time if your mover will move them.

Power Equipment Containing Fluids

Motorcycles, weed eaters, lawn mowers and anything with a fuel container holding flamable liquids will not be touched by movers. To include them in the van cargo, drain each piece of equipment.

Toxic Items

This one consists of obvious items as well as some that are not so apparent. Movers will not collect corrosives, such as car batteries (with regular batteries, make sure it has the no-leak gel seal), and poisons and chemicals, including ammonia and bleach. But what some people may not know is that movers, in most cases, will not move nail polish, nail polish remover and some cleaning supplies due to their toxic nature. When packing, ask yourself, “Is this flammable?” If the answer is yes, movers will not load it in the van.

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