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City Concierges Offer White Glove Service for Newcomers

These cities can't wait to help you make new friends and feel right at home.

By Amanda Ellis on February 6, 2023

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It can be tough to be on your own in a new city. In fact, our research shows that proximity to loved ones is a big factor in relocation decisions for many people. 

Some communities are making it more comfortable to move away from your network by enticing new talent with city concierge programs. These initiatives connect potential residents with local volunteers who make sure you have a good experience in your new city and even help you decide whether to take the plunge in the first place. While a few new friends aren’t the same as having family members nearby, getting to know some fellow residents early on can go a long way in making you feel part of a new place. Let’s explore a few of these programs, how they work and the cities that would love to get you settled in as a new resident.

Louisville City Champs

The Louisville, KY, City Champs are a diverse group of more than 80 Louisville locals excited about how great it is to live in Louisville. They can answer specific questions from the best events or festivals in town to which neighborhoods, schools or churches are the best fit for you. Potential residents can read about each City Champ — each has a detailed bio and info about their local knowledge — and contact them directly with questions. Local networking events with City Champs can also help with getting connected.

Anyone local can apply online to become a City Champ, with half-day training sessions twice a year to get certified and on the way to wooing new residents. City Champs agree to several basic participation requirements, including attending a training session and committing to at least two hours every other month for City Champs events. 

Ask a Detroiter

Through Ask a Detroiter, locals and new residents alike can get Motown info or recommendations via text. You can ask questions on the website in four topic areas: communities within Southeast Michigan, professional and career opportunities, things to do across the region, and volunteering and giving back. Once you submit your question, you’ll enter your contact info and receive an automated text that launches a conversation between you and an Ask a Detroiter Texting Ambassador. 

Anybody who lives in the area can complete a simple application to become a Texting Ambassador. Once the application is approved, the Ambassador is able to respond to texts relevant to the topics they indicated an interest in discussing. Questions that match their interest areas are sent to them and other Texting Ambassadors so one of them can respond and start a text conversation. Ambassadors can use an associated web app to turn their availability on and off. The use of third-party numbers protects everyone’s privacy by hiding participants’ real phone numbers. 

Ask a Detroiter is part of the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Let’s Detroit program, designed to retain and attract young talent and increase postsecondary education attainment in the region. 


In Indianapolis, local Indyfluencers can help you get the scoop on the community. Take your pick of Indyfluencers — each has their own landing page outlining a brief bio and their Top 5 Indy things to do. 

When you find an Indyfluencer you’d like to contact, you can kick off the conversation through a built-in contact form that takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Your Indyfluencer will even meet with you one on one. And if you don’t have time to browse the Indyfluencer profiles, you can still complete the form and be matched with someone who understands your needs.  An application for those who live in the region to become Indyfluencers is available online. Indyfluencers can volunteer not only to connect with potential residents but also to create relevant content, post on social media and speak or volunteer at meetings or events about life in Indy.

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