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Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2015

Clean lines and functionality are what's in style this year

By Livability.com on December 31, 2014


What new home trends can you expect to see in 2015? Designers, builders and remodelers say the evolution of the smart home will reach a new height as companies take advantage of technological advances that let us connect appliances, lights, speakers, and even doorbells to smartphones and tablets. When it comes to new styles for kitchens and bathrooms, the transitional look is in high demand. Here are our predictions for what you’re going to find in the homes of 2015.

Cleaner, Colorful Kitchens and Bathrooms

“In 2014, we saw kitchens and bathrooms become cleaner, and I think that’s going to continue in 2015,” says John Petrie, immediate past president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and owner of Mother Hubbard’s Custom Cabinetry in Mechanicsburg, Penn. “What I mean by cleaner is simpler, with straighter lines and less ornamentation. What people are asking for is what I call transitional styles, a blend between contemporary and traditional.”

Homeowners are asking for glass backsplashes, tile flooring with fewer grout lines, sleek-looking handles and pulls, and less intricate molding and cabinet doors. Quartz will overtake granite as the countertop surface of choice. Quartz, which requires no sealing or maintenance, comes in a variety of colors and patterns that create a cleaner look.

“I think there are so many white kitchens out there now, they are all looking the same,” says designer Carla Aston, owner of the Aston Design Studio in The Woodlands, Texas. “I think people will still like white for the clean and crisp feel it gives the kitchen, however, I think we’ll see more color and high contrast showing up to add interest and make these spaces more personal.”

Universal design will become more of the norm and be seen as luxurious and high-end. Homeowners have been leaning toward kitchen styles that are hard to pin down and include a variety of international influences along with a timeless look.

Petrie adds that many homeowners are requesting USB ports and stands to charge and hold tablets or smartphones. Manufacturers like Legrand offer flexible illumination and power options that neatly mount under cabinets. Some of these systems include modular components that can easily be swapped depending on the tasks users are trying to perform.

Big Tubs Kicked to the Curb

Fewer homeowners are asking for giant tubs to soak or whirlpools. Turns out, few of us can find the time to take a long bubble bath. Many of homeowners want large showers instead. Designers are incorporating functionality into the shower, working in seats, adjustable lighting, speakers and stools.

“As boomers get older, items such as curbless showers, beautifully designed grab bars and wider door openings will be planned into bathrooms in particular,” Aston says. “Accessibility will become hot.”

Speaking of hot, Petrie says many homeowners are spluging for heated floor systems that can be scheduled to warm otherwise cold tile floors, so your first step in the bathroom is a warm one.


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