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Moving Checklist for Transferring Accounts

Some of the most important things you must move do not require boxes, tape or a moving truck

By Lisa Battles on November 10, 2016

Michael McCloskey

When packing and preparing for a move, the obvious task at hand seems to be how to most efficiently move a lot of stuff from point A to point B. Yet some of the most important things you must move do not require boxes, tape or a moving truck, such as bank accounts, insurance policies, utility accounts and personal health records. Though you can’t physically pack them, they sure can be “heavy” if you don’t plan ahead.

Many of the contacts you must make will simply be submitting a timely change of address, such as for credit card accounts, magazine subscriptions, your local pharmacy, the post office and the Internal Revenue Service. Others may require slightly more involved interaction, such as getting an updated drivers license, ensuring you have insurance coverage on your new home, or setting up a new bank account if you are moving to an area in which your bank does not operate a branch.

Some of the items on the checklist will likely deal with things you didn’t even consider, such as transferring your alarm system permit to your new address, so that any false alarms at your former address aren’t erroneously charged to you in fines. Or if you’re moving during winter time, letting your lawn care service know about your move might not be top of mind. Perhaps you contributed to a Kickstarter campaign and are expecting some type of product shipped to you after the campaign reaches its goal. Did you provide your old address when contributing?

On a related note, you’ll want to be sure to update stored personal address data on e-commerce sites you use often, such as Amazon.com, where it’s sometimes easy to miss the option to cross-check your default shipping address when ordering.

With the most obvious scenarios to the more far-fetched in mind, we’ve put together this checklist to help you keep up with the critical accounts you should settle, transfer or adjust in accordance with your move.  




Moving Checklist for Transferring Accounts

Services to Transfer to Your New Home

  • Electric power & Gas, if applicable

  • Cable

  • Phone

  • Internet

  • Water

  • Trash Pickup & Sewer

  • Lawn care

  • Pool care, if applicable

  • House cleaning

  • Pest control services

  • Insurance providers for home and auto

  • Medical and education records


Notify With Change of Address

  • U.S. Postal Service

  • Banks

  • Credit card companies

  • Incentive programs at retailers and airlines

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Newspaper subscriptions

  • Subscription commerce companies, music, book or food clubs

  • Social Security Administration

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Pension benefit providers

  • Independent insurance providers

  • Doctors’ offices

  • Veterinarian’s office

  • Attorney’s office

  • Child support administration offices, if applicable

Establish New Documents or Service As Needed

  • Driver’s license

  • Vehicle tags, if applicable

  • Doctor

  • Attorney

  • Veterinarian

  • School registration

  • Home warranty service

  • Checking and savings accounts

  • House cleaning service

  • Pool service

  • Pest control service

  • Lawn care service


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