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Authentic TexMex in Del Rio, TX

Held in the palm of Val Verde County, Del Rio, Texas offers authentic and savory options for locals and visitors alike.

By Kaitlyn Chow on April 18, 2014

Del Rio
Del Rio / Jeff Adkins

While many popular chain restaurants can be found in Del Rio, it’s the locally owned eateries that add a unique flavor to the city’s food scene. Here’s a look at some of Del Rio’s best restaurants.

Lunch and Dinner, Texas Style

With an honorable lineup of steak cuts and cures, Manuel’s Steakhouse serves up hearty portions of meat, seafood and additional Mexican favorites. They’re even versed in the art of cooking quail, cabrito and lobster if you’re in the mood. The family-run establishment sprinkles a great deal of pride onto each dish, professing that “Del Rio, Texas is truly ‘The best of the border’” and they are out to be the best steakhouse in Del Rio.

Another great evening dine with a hint of fun can be found at Blue Oasis where acoustic sets, $3 margarita specials and some outstanding bar food will draw your attention.

Grab a bite at The Brown Bag if you want a lighter meal or to stay on the go. There are lots of options to customize the meal with renowned varieties of salads, sandwiches and dressings galore.

Located within the Ramada Inn hotel, Malinda restaurant is drawing in locals and visitors for everything from their daily menus to their festive holiday meals. And The White Horse Lounge just next door is perfect for a pre- or post-dinner drink.

Mexican Cuisine

Julio’s, most widely known for their famous chips and salsas, is also a sit-down restaurant where you can experience classic Mexican dishes and a basket full of the crisps fresh and straight from the source. The story of their corn chip plight originates from the late 70’s when Julio began creating his coveted flavor in his humble kitchen.

As you traipse into Don Marcelino’s let the staff know what you’re having that day before taking a comfortable seat at one of their rustic tables. A waiter will promptly serve you drinks and snacks while your meal sizzles in the kitchen and you enjoy conversations and their on-the-border atmosphere. The Gonzalez family serves up their traditional northern Mexican meals.

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