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The 8 Best Things About Living in Salt Lake City

From unique museums to family-friendly activities, Salt Lake City has a lot to offer

By Taylor Croteau on July 12, 2015

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Long story short: Salt Lake City, Utah has a lot to offer. From unique museums to outstanding schools, to rock climbing and miles of shoreline trails, there’s a wide range of benefits to being a citizen of Salt Lake City.

1. Red Butte Garden and Arboretum

Salt Lake City’s unique Red Butte Garden and Arboretum is a fun escape from the everyday museum. Featuring 11 themed gardens and more than four miles of foot paths, Red Butte both educates and entertains the community.

2. Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Originally known as the Salt Lake Art Center and founded in 1931, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has grown and thrived within the community into the state’s leading art and culture hub. Featuring both global and regional themes and offering educational programs alongside exhibits, the museum is a Utah must-see.

3. Front Climbing Club

For a fun, off-beat activity that will entertain both kids and adults alike, look no further. Salt Lake City is known for its rock climbing and the Front Climbing Club is one of the community’s premier bouldering facilities that’s proud to entertain the nation’s biggest rock climbing community.

4. Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Created by Lake Bonneville that once filled the massive Salt Lake Valley, today Bonneville Shoreline Trail follows the ancient shorelines of the gigantic lake for roughly 100 total miles. With no map and a rich network of interconnected trails, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is perfect for anyone seeking an outdoor adventure.

5. Sugarhouse

Established in 1853 by early Mormon settlers, Sugarhouse is one of Salt Lake City’s oldest neighborhoods and continues to thrive. Sugarhouse had once been Salt Lake City’s only area of concentrated, locally-owned businesses and shops, and it is still the city’s go-to shopping area, in addition to being a hotspot for upper-middle class home owners and hipsters alike.

6. Buds

Dedicated to an entirely plant-based menu, Buds is an impressive vegan sandwich shop located in downtown Salt Lake City. Everything from the Barbacoa-grilled jackfruit to the pesto sub offers a unique twist on the classics. 

7. Forage

Forage is Salt Lake City’s premier restaurant and a truly incredible dining experience that seeks to center itself around the natural beauty of the city. Every dish is made with the freshest and most local ingredients possible, and the atmosphere is always friendly.

8. Oakridge School

Oakridge School is a public district school for kindergarten through 6th grade. With its impressive combination of strong academics and arts programs, the school boasts a great reputation among Salt Lake City parents. Through dedicated faculty and an involved principal, Oakridge School has become one of the leading schools in the Salt Lake City area.

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