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Shopping in Abingdon, VA

Get a list of some of the best stores in Abingdon, VA and find out what the shopping scene in Washington County is like.

By Karen Schwartzman on January 16, 2016

Main Street
Abingdon / Brian McCord

Forget the mall and the big-name stores. In Abingdon, your style’s sure to stand out as much as the collection of eclectic shops and unique boutiques.

Historic District

Abingdon’s Historic District puts an eclectic spin on your shopping experience by replacing big names with local charm and offering an array of unique shops that are sure to hit the spot. Head over to Forget Me Not, voted Abingdon’s Best Boutique, where you’ll find all your feminine fashion needs. For more of your favorite styles, try Gabrielle’s on for size.

When you’ve had your fashion fill, explore the many specialty shops the district has to offer. Knit away at A Likely Yarn, find your green thumb at the Shabby Garden Shop or rock out at Capo’s Music Store.

West Main

West Main Street is a shopper’s slice of paradise. The stores are chic and unique, and there’s plenty to choose from, no matter what your style. If we’re talking strictly style, check out My Ladies Shop, then accessorize the look at All About Her Clothing & Accessories.

If you want to branch out in your browsing, take a look in Siegners Gift Shop or Vagabond Trader. If you happen to love camping, head to The Sutler where you’ll find all your outdoor needs.

Town Centre

This Centre provides all your basic wants and needs when you don’t have time for a boutique crawl. Here, you’ll find stores like K Mart, Shoe Show and Goodman Jewelers.

Store Listing

Forget Me Not, 129 E. Main St., (276) 628-2700
Gabrielle’s, 793 W. Main St., (276) 628-1245
A Likely Yarn, 213 Pecan St., (276) 628-2143
Shabby Garden Shop, 129 E. Main St., (276) 628-2700
Capo’s Music Store, 903 E. Main St., (276) 525-1880
My Ladies Shop, 284 W. Main St., (276) 628-2961
All About Her Clothing & Accessories, 793 W. Main St., (276) 525-1924
Siegner’s Gift Shop, 150 W. Main St., (276) 623-0838
Vagabond Trader, 266 W. Main St., (276) 619-0003
The Sutler, 446 W. Main St., (276) 623-1972
Town Centre, 344 Town Centre Dr.
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