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Aquatic Center Opens in Sweetwater County, WY

New Aquatic Center will have Sweetwater back in the swim of things

By John McBryde on August 12, 2014

Rock Springs / Michael D. Tedesco

When he was hired as director of the new Green River High School Aquatic Center in January 2014, Mike Moody knew the community was overdue for a change in its swimming routine.

“The previous pool was about 48 years old,†says Moody, a 1997 graduate of Green River High who returned to the area after living and coaching in San Diego as well as serving as head swim coach at Colorado State University. “It was a competitive pool, but a lot smaller and very outdated. That was the pool I grew up in and swam in, so being a member of the community here and now running the new facility, I can say this is an amazing facility. It’s a great accomplishment for the community and school district.”

Three Pools in One

The new indoor Aquatic Center, which opened in October, just in time for Green River High School’s 2014-15 swim season, is a 32,000-square-foot facility that has three separate bodies of water. It features a competition pool with eight lanes, each 25 yards long and 7 feet deep; a diving pool with six lanes at 25 yards long, ranging from 3½ to 14 feet deep; and a 900-square-foot therapy pool that’s ideal for rehabilitation for athletes and residents.

The Aquatic Center’s main spectator section has seating for around 650, with an additional section that can seat between 150-200 spectators. The facility also includes a wet classroom and separate locker rooms for swim teams and community members.

“This pool is an instructional facility and has a high-end competition emphasis on it,†Moody says. “We will be able to run a lot of in-depth swim lessons for the community and the school district.”

Though the Aquatic Center is located at the high school, it is open to the public at various times throughout the year. The City of Green River, for instance, will hold summer swim lessons there, and the facility will also be used for Adaptive PE classes for special needs students.

Rebuilding Swim Programs

The Aquatic Center is used by both the men’s and women’s swim and diving teams at Green River High, with the men’s season running from early December through February and the women’s from mid-August through October. The teams from Lincoln Middle School will also use the facility.

Green River and Rock Springs high schools have had strong swimming and diving programs in the past, though Moody says the quality has dropped some in recent years. He believes the new Aquatic Center will help to revitalize aquatic sports in Sweetwater County.

“We’re hoping with the new facility that both the high school and middle school programs start picking back up and are successful, as well as our age-group programs,†Moody says.

I can say this is an amazing facility. It’s a great accomplishment for the community and school district.

Mike Moody
Aquatic Center director
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