Every month, thousands of visitors look to Livability.com to find out about the best places to live across the U.S. We get to the good stuff with original articles, award-winning photos and tons of facts about more than 500 unique communities. Even better: Demographic research shows our audience is better educated and higher earning than the Internet average.

What does this mean for you?

A chance to be seen right next to original, positive information about great places all over the country, whether you’re a national, regional or local company.

• National

Each year, 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. moves. And those people spend more during the 3 months surrounding their move than a non-mover spends in 5 years. Be a part of the process as our readers make plans and establish new relationships in places all over the U.S., guided by useful content they can trust.

• State and Regional

Businesses don’t grow along city or state lines. Good thing our audience doesn’t browse that way, either. Livability.com’s extensive reach lets you pinpoint just the audience you’re looking for, even across counties, regions, and states.

• Local

Our city-level content is where local businesses hit pay dirt. Original articles, videos and photo galleries all showcasing the best the community has to offer: shopping, food, attractions, neighborhoods, health and more. Many sites also offer an companion interactive digital magazine that can be sponsored.

• Marketing Solutions

Go beyond traditional advertising. Livability.com offers opportunities to customize your campaign with content marketing, site sponsorships, e-mail newsletters, special promotions, and sponsored contests that seamlessly weave your message into our editorial content.

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