Downtown Corpus Christi

#2. Corpus Christi, TX

Also scoring top marks in Wallethub’s survey is Corpus Christi, TX. This Texas coast city ranked second in the study thanks to its impeccable traffic and infrastructure score. Corpus Christi’s average commute of 18.2 minutes is a whopping 42 percent less than the average Texas commute time. Lack of rain, good quality roads and bridges as well as a high Waze driver satisfaction rating were also taken into account.

As Texas’ biggest coastal city, Corpus Christi goes all out when it comes to fun. Beautiful beaches with some of the highest wind speeds in the country make it ideal for thrill-seekers looking to windsurf or kiteboard. Its laid-back vibe and growing food scene with delicious Gulf seafood make it an excellent choice for your next move or vacation.

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