Bethlehem PA

#3. Bethlehem, PA

Why It’s a Great Place for Antiquers: Bethlehem was established in 1741, so you might just find Revolutionary War-era antiques here. And the antiques in Bethlehem tend to be more affordable than in other East Coast cities — much cheaper than similar items in Connecticut, Maine or Vermont. 

Why It’s a Great Place to Live: Bethlehem is storybook gorgeous; its historic downtown has been placed on the US Tentative List for nomination as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also relatively easy to find pretty, historic homes here for under $200,000.

Best Place to Score an Amazing Deal: Via Thrift Store. It’s huge, well-organized, the staff is friendly and all the proceeds go back into the community.

Best Place to Buy an Investment Piece: Easton Antique Emporium is 11 miles northeast of Bethlehem, but it’s worth the drive. You’ll find 30 vendors there, selling vintage books, dining sets, even old turntables and records.

Where to Fuel Up for a Day of Treasure-Hunting: Grab donuts at the award-winning Vegan Treats bakery. Try a coconut custard or vanilla soy chai donut!

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