Midwestern Strange

#7. Eau Claire WI

Book: Midwestern Strange” by B.J. Hollars

Hollars embarks on a journey to learn more about reports of mysterious phenomena in the Midwest including aliens and mythical creatures in this nonfiction book. He explores the folklore surrounding the myths as well as what makes some people believe in the oddities. 

Hollars’ Place Recommendation: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

“The ideal place to read ”Midwestern Strange” is curled up in a coffee shop near the Chippewa River in my home of Eau Claire, WI. While none of the “strange phenomena” I write about occurred directly here, certainly this place is home to its own unique lore — the former stomping grounds of Paul Bunyan, no less! (Or so we’re told…) Plus, the book was conceived and written here in Eau Claire as well. How many pre-dawn mornings did I ride my bike along that river wondering, ‘What strange stuff is in store for me today?'”    

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