#8. Tucson

Warm weather, favorable tax policies and an array of retirement communities draw many retirees to Tucson, AZ. The city offers an urban atmosphere surrounded by rugged mountains and desert terrain where activities like hiking, mountain biking, hunting and camping can be enjoyed. Tucson scored high our assessment of the best places to retire in the categories of health care, housing affordability, golf options, employment and taxes.

With approximately 30 retirement communities, plus condos and apartments to choose from, retirees can easily find places to live that don’t come with the hassles of owning and maintaining a house or yard. A network of sidewalks and bike trails allows residents to easily navigate the city without a car. Reduced fares on Sun Tran and Sun Link, Tucson’s bus and streetcar system, are offered to people 65 and over. Entertainment districts like Main Gate Square, which is located near the University of Arizona, hosts a variety events from concerts to wine tastings while offering up an assortment of shops and restaurants.

Ranked one of Kiplinger’s “10 most tax-friendly states for retirees,” Arizona offers low income tax and no tax on food or prescription drugs. Arizona does not tax Social Security benefits.

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