#3. Tucson

All Souls Film Fest & Loft Film Fest

Eerily fascinating and vaguely frightening, Tucson’s All Souls Film Fest combines the art of filmmaking with the theme of death. Rather than focusing on horror movies or thrillers, the Fest explores questions of life and death and rituals that honor it. The festival began as documentary footage following the All Souls Procession, which got its start in 1990, and has since morphed into its own event. These days it’s held as a sort of warm up for the actual procession as a way to “get people in the mood.” The films shown are comprised mainly of documentaries that range from one to 15 minutes in length.

The Loft Cinema, which hosts the All Souls Film Fest, also features a festival. Loft Film Fest shows foreign films, documentaries and U.S. indie films, and spans eight days.

For more interesting places to see, check out Tuscon’s art, history and museums.

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