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Eagle Eye: A Castle Rock, CO Boy Scout’s Project

A local Boy Scout oversees a restoration project for a historic building, giving it new life. 

By Kevin Litwin on August 13, 2022

Castle Rock CO
Castle Rock / Courtesy of Town of Castle Rock

Elijah Likens, 15, attends Acton Hybrid Academy of Castle Rock and is also an Eagle Scout with local Troop 780.

Elijah has undertaken an Eagle Scout project to oversee the renovation of a historic carriage house located behind the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce’s historic Victoria’s House downtown headquarters on Jerry Street. The carriage house is more than 130 years old and hasn’t had any preservation work done since the 1980s.

How did you hear about the renovation project?

My dad (Michael) is an ambassador with the Chamber, and there has been talk for a while about improving the barn behind the Chamber’s headquarters building. Troop 780 has done a lot of projects around Castle Rock to help improve our community, and I decided to take this on as my next Eagle Scout project.

What is your involvement?

Being 15, I don’t know about electrical or plumbing or roofing work, so my part is contacting the professional people who know about contracts, permits and other parts of the planning stage. I am managing the project.

When will the renovation take place?

It will happen in 2022. I have spoken in front of the Chamber and the Historical Preservation Board and received approval from my scout troop. There are a lot of steps and processes before things can get done. 

Once the actual renovation begins, what will you be doing?

I will be priming and painting the exterior and also cleaning up the grounds. There is a lot of cleanup needed on the property, with plenty of trash and weeds and other debris. Once we get started, I will have quite a few members from Troop 780 to help with that part of it.

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